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Love It or Leave It: Charlize Theron is Not a Natural Blonde

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You know, one time I was at a hair salon, complaining about my natural dishwater-brown hair (that’s positively lined with white-silver grey streaks), lamenting the fact that it’s neither bright, coppery brown nor bright, golden brown, and one of the stylists let me in on a little secret—see, most brunettes have this dishwater brown hair that I’ve been blessed with, and most blondes aren’t even close to being natural. Well, naturally, this knowledge completely rocked my world, and life was just never the same. The end.

Also, I came across this picture of Charlize Theron, hanging out with her mother for lunch (not pictured), and I instantly appreciated how beautiful this woman actually is, even without her “crowning glory,” or as some people refer to it, “hair.” It’s a rare, rare face that can pull off a f-cking military-grade buzz cut, and Charlize, luckily for her, can totally do it.

Charlize’s hair—love it or leave it?

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  • She’s a beautiful woman – but these photos are NOT flattering of her skin! (also referring to the Lainey photos from the same batch)

    • I saw those pix and totally agree with you. She looks really bad. But mad props to her for going out without makeup on though.

  • Charlize is lovely. She can do whatever she wants to herself and I am okay with it. She looks great either way and I think brunettes are hotter than blondes.

  • Grace, I totally agree. Brunettes are sooooo much more attractive. Every girlfriend I’ve ever had, but one, was brunette

  • the Buzz cut is the easy part. It’s the awkward stage when it starts to grow out that’s the hardest to ‘pull off’.

  • Mine has gone from being really dark brown when I was a teenager to being mousy, medium-to-light brown. It’s a tragedy. Now I dye it ginger lol

  • I feel bad for him. It’s astounding how when a person has been elevated, as in the case of stars like Robert Pattison, how people worship these guys’ popularity…but whena these guys fall, people, the same ones that ‘ hd a crush,.es on/had posters of them, will turn on them.
    That is the only reason why Kristen Stewart is with him because thousands of girls want him…but what will happen if his aura fades. People show you how much they care when the chips are down.

  • Whatever. Black women always sport that look, AND look beautiful doing it. You people fuss over blonde hair way too much anyway. Idgi.