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We’re a Week Away from a Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Confirmation, So You Know

From the Mirror:

Jennifer Aniston raised eyebrows at her engagement party with fiance Justin Theroux, 41, last Sunday, when she passed up on the chance to enjoy her favourite alcoholic drinks and stayed well away from the raw fish on the giant sushi platter. The actress has also cleared some of her work for next year from her schedule.

And now these pictures of Jen wrapped up in bulky clothes have emerged, many people Stateside believe she’ll be making an announcement any day now. At 43, Jen’s biological clock has been ticking louder and she will finally catchup with her old Friends Courteney Cox,48, who has an eight year old daughter, Coco, and Lisa Kudrow, 49, who has a 14-year-old son, Julian.

Jen and Justin are due to marry at the end of the year after getting engaged in August, so any potential addition can only be an added bonus.

A source said: “Jen loves a party, so it was definitely noticed at her engagement event that she was only on water. People have also been commenting on her changing her work plans for the foreseeable future – she said it was to concentrate on planning the wedding and to be closer Justin, but now it’s being suggested it’s to make way for a baby. It would be a fantastic piece of news for the couple to end the year on – she seems so happy recently.”

Jennifer pulled out of her involvement in the film Getting Rid of Matthew last month and now it’s been reported that she no longer will be appearing in Miss You Already, which was due to be filmed in London.

Jennifer has previously said she can’t wait to be a mum: “I’ll be singing from the mountain top. Let me have the moment where I get to say, yes, in fact, I’m having a baby. I just want to say, “Everybody, relax! It’s going to happen”.”

Alright, you guys. Is this special lady pregnant or not? Because really, putting any and all negative personal feelings about Jennifer Aniston aside, don’t you think it would be a pretty nice thing for her to finally have that baby she’s always wanted? Wouldn’t that make you feel like the world is kind of complete all at once? I know even in the cold, pitted cockles of my heart, I’d smile. Even just a little bit and if it were just because the baby ended up with Justin Theroux’s Botox brow.

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  • I know she’s wanted a baby for awhile now, so I will be very happy for her when and if she confirms that she’s pregnant! On a different note, Justin Theroux is one creepy-looking dude!

  • If she is then congrats! Even if she hasn’t been as desperate for one as the media makes out, I’m sure she will be super happy!

  • It would be great if she had a baby, decided she has made enough money, quit acting, and she and Justin moved far, far, far, FAR away. Then I could stop seeing her as much, and I would be happy as well.

    • I know! I’ve never ever heard a bad thing about her from the people she’s worked on movie sets, etc. only nice things like she’s pleasant to work with and a very generous person! The media makes her out to be needy, etc., They probably asked her questions and then they take out bits and pieces of her interviews and twist them around and make it seem like she still wants Brad and she’s lonely and blah blah blah!

      • i agree with you. i’m not a fan but i think it’s just so unfair how the media paints her out to be. this woman is very successful in her career, if anything she seems very focused and professional and not at all frivolous and needy.

    • I might, if my friends liked sushi. I also serve alcohol when I have friends come over, even though I myself can’t drink. Besides, it’s possible she’s had this party planned for awhile, especially if it was a pretty fancy affair.

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