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Stars Without Makeup: Cameron Diaz is Amazing This Time

photo of cameron diaz no makeup pictures
It almost destroys me to compliment Cameron Diaz, because generally, Cameron Diaz can do no right in my eyes, but this is … OK, this is hard. This is going to hurt, and this is going to cause some lasting side-effects, but it’s got to be said anyway: Cameron Diaz looks great in this picture. I’m talking great as in “pretty wonderful” and “simply lovely,” and honestly, if you know the history between Cammy and I, you’d know how much it pains me to take something she’s done, or worn, or said … well, seriously.

This is what Cameron looked like whilst hailing a taxi in Manhattan, and if you think the face is alright (because it really, really is), then you’re probably going to love the boots. I love the boots. I’m not much of an ankle bootie kind of girl, because I’m short and don’t have baseball bat-shaped legs, but these boots are still pretty hot. They’re from Rag & Bone and a pair will run you somewhere around $550 bones, an investment not all that terrible when you consider other designer shoe prices. In fact, Rag & Bone’s stuff is generally awesome, and the very next thing from Rag & Bone that I probably should have in my closet is this:

photo of rag & bone bailey jacket pictures
Yeah, the leather sleeves are reminiscent of something you might find Kim Kardashian’s closet (or, you know, Kanye’s closet, maybe next to his skirt), but if you couple that with the floral pattern and make it all a blazer? I think we might be on to something, guys. The downside? At $655 bucks, this hot little jacket will cost you more than the shoes, and I just don’t know that I’d pay that much for something that might make me feel like Kim Kardashian on my worst days.

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  • Do you have any idea how hurtful is is to say “omg she looks good without makeup” to a woman when shes clearly wearing makeup? She’s older now. That’s what her face looks like with makeup. No woman would wear those shoes without applying foundation and mascara.

      • I definitely think she’s wearing makeup. Her skin is way too evenly-toned for her not to be wearing foundation, and her eyelids seem to be a slightly different color than the rest of her face. Whatever she’s wearing/not wearing, I think she looks good!

    • yes and her bottom lip looks shiny pink like a light lipstick. and her cheeks look rosy.

      plus yeah looks like she has yellow/white shimmer on her eyelid. and her eyelashes look black and defined. i think she would have naturally a light eyelash she is natural blonde like annalynne mcord in no makeup.

      she is doing the natural make up look.

  • Yea, she’s at least wearing the basics. Mascara, concealer, lipgloss/or chapstik. No woman goes outside dressed for a day out and about the town without at least the basics..

  • To me she’s always looked “mannish” somehow, much like Aniston. Aniston I have a soft spot for … Cammy not so much.
    Still I feel a little bad saying the first thing I thought of when I saw her face was a sad monkey – and though sad monkeys are usually makes you go “aww!” it’s not a good look on Cam.
    It does make me want to hug and comfort her though, which is a new expirience for me!
    Now that I’ve gotten my “bitch moment of the day” out of the way I will say her skin is looking amazing.
    I do think she’s wearing foundation, but even so her skin still looks great and flawless in a completely natural way. I’d love to be able to achieve that “is she or isn’t she wearing makeup”-effect. It’s always a better look than doing makeup Kardashian-style, IMO.