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Today Is Not The Day That We Stop Talking About LeAnn Rimes

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Sorry, friends. I’m sure that when you woke up this morning, you sat up, stretched it out, and thought “man, I sure hope I don’t hear anything about that LeAnn Rimes today!” I’m sorry to ruin your whole entire day, but LeAnn’s E! special aired last night, and we were never going to not talk about it, ok?

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On falling in love with Eddie: “I call it insanity! Absolute insanity. But nothing ever happened between us except for on camera, you know, during the film . . . Absolutely nothing. I had no idea what life was throwing me and I had no idea how to handle it. . . But all I knew was I could not . . . we couldn’t stop connecting in some way. And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

More on the affair: “I think I became numb. Then I told everyone I should have told and then I curled up in a ball on the couch and then I didn’t move. And I didn’t move for a while. It’s that feeling of your heart falling to the ground. Eddie reacted the way that I reacted too, but he reacted in his own way and I allowed him to do that. Because he had so much more to deal with than I did — I had a marriage, he had a marriage and children. I can’t even fathom that.”

Something about the word “homewrecker”: “I’m like, can someone come up with anything like more, I don’t know, original?” she joked, but her laughter quickly turned to tears. “Because at the end of the day, I never set and been held by so many . . . like by my family . . . my friends, my new friends, this is what life’s about,” Rimes said between tears. “Through all the hard stuff, there comes so much beauty on the other side if you just let it happen.”

On the strength of her relationship:“When you endure those kind of hardships, at the end of the day if you can’t make it through that, you can’t make it,” Rimes said. “And we’ve made it through a lot . . . We fought for each other.”

Eddie on how awesome cheating was: “You gotta sometimes fight for what you know eventually is going to be your truth and your happiness,” he said. “I’m a better father for everything that has happened. I’m a better friend. It’s been difficult but it’s, it’s definitely been worth it.”

Well, whatever. LeAnn is crazy, but so is Eddie, so maybe the affair was better for everyone in the long run. Cheating isn’t cool, but neither is remaining married to someone just because you think you should. I’m sort of having trouble coming up with any sort of sympathy here, I kind of just wanted to post the picture of LeAnn crying again. Sorry*.

*I’m not sorry.

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  • It would be nice if, for once, you tell your spouse the truth, instead of lying and sneaking around, and e pect people to accept what you do.

    • Exactly!! I was just going to say that! Have a little respect for your spouse and tell them instead of lying!! Being cheated on, as most of us know, is the worst kind of hurt the person you love could ever do to you! It’s a stab wound right through your heart!

  • You know all of your Leanne posts make it seem as though you had some personal investmet in either marriage that ended. Considering the fact you were not married to Leann, nor Eddie, why are you still so caught up in this? Their individual marriages were impacted, not your personal relationships, so why all of the emotional investment? I get writing gossip is your job, but I really wonder are you actually this emotionally invested??

    • The answer is because LeAnn is the fugliest attention whore its like impossible to follow this shit because she’s such a total piece of absolute shit hopefully the karmic acme anvil is hanging over her corrector eatin ego craven ass. I really despise her…its like impossible to ignore. I knew assholes like her I’ve worked for them, had to deal with them and they are everything that’s fucked up about America. You just want to shake the bitch and scream. “Shut the fuck up’ in her face slap her to the pathetic reality she shoves I. Our faces.
      How was that. I feel cleansed. Lol

    • They’re celebrities, that’s what we do here – talk about celebrities. We still discuss Brad, Jennifer & Angelina, and I’ve never been married to any of them, nothing they do has any affect on my day-to-day. Gossip is in the name.. It’s no different that talking about a dress that (insert celebrity) wore on a red carpet. I didn’t wear it, don’t own it and don’t know these people in any way, but I can talk about it. Or how none of us have been personally adversely affected by Lindsay Lohan’s shenanigans, but it is public fodder. Am I making my point? LeAnn isn’t above being discussed when she puts her personal issues in our face.

    • I think it’s mainly because it brings people to the site. Ya know, hits! Google keywords! Money! “guest”! Drama! There’s all kinds of benefits.

      • @pikki nikki polka pants

        It’s more like “pikki nikki polka pants” DRAMA!

        Speaking of benefits: THERE she is! There’s our neighborhood wacko, mizz “pikki nikki polka pants” herself! Crazy….yet entertaining…You must know your posting style is….ermm…really unique. Borderline scary to many here, dare I say it. But I should not mock those who need to be properly medicated, and for that I am sorry. Do your thing, girl. Vent away! Ramble on and on about people! It’s clear that anyone who doesn’t like Leann is your absolute favorite topic of all time. Alrighty then. Stop obsessing! OK, cool.

  • This interview comes off as just another attempt to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her or about to leave her. It’s like they put out this interview in anticipation of rumors that Eddie is cheating or something. I also wonder if this has something to do with Eddie’s ex mistress being on tonight’s episode of RHOBH. The last time that woman was on RHOBH, Leann went out and got the “Only one that matters” tattoo. What is it about Eddie’s mistress that makes Leann do so much to prove Eddie’s love for her?

    So that is why Eddie called Leann a speedbump, because he was fighting for truth and happiness? Eddie thinks that his affair has made him a better father? How so? All anyone sees is a man who allows his wife to pimp out his kids in exchange for cars, watches, and lavish trips. He is a better friend? Since Leann is footing the bill, Lizzy and Dave can now go on EVERY trip with Eddie! Even when Leann and Eddie were “dating”, Lizzy was on trips with them. So it looks like Eddie is using Leann to fund those trips for him and his friends.

    When has Eddie fought for Leann? When he was calling her a speedbump or when he morphed her into Brandi? Or was he fighting for Leann when he was taking photos and cheering her on as she made out with his mistress? Maybe he was fighting for Leann when he said that the media made up the affair? Or maybe he was fighting for Leann when he was photographed at a club making out with his wife after Leann leaked the affair to US Weekly? As for Leann’s statement, replace the word FIGHT with BOUGHT. She BOUGHT Eddie.

    If Leann doesn’t want to be called a homewrecker, then she needs to stop singing a song about how she slept with another woman’s husband. It’s silly of her to whine about being called a homewrecker when she sits on twitter everyday talking about how “Borrowed” is ranked #5 or #1. Borrowed was orginally titled “Feel Like Breaking Up Someone Else’s Home” and just like Leann hijacks everything else, Leann hijacked that song from Etta James’ album.

    She became numb? So then why were there so many photos of her out and about LA smirking? Eddie didn’t react the same way as Leann. He called Leann a speedbump and kept showing up in public with Brandi, holding her hand or making out with her at a club.

    Eddie couldn’t stop connecting with Leann because Eddie is a PAID GIGOLO. He liked the money and the gifts. If Leann wasn’t giving him the money, gifts, and trips he would moved on.

  • If I were dating this nut-job I’d cheat on her too. The beautiful thing is, she totally deserves it because she was once HIS mistress. What makes her think he wouldn’t do it to her? I just love how this universe works.

  • Poor Leann. Her paid gigolo didn’t attend the awards show with her. Leann is telling people that it’s because he is “working”, but we all know that it’s because he is somewhere with his mistress.

    Leann’s tweet explaining to her fans why the “loving” husband from the E News interview wasn’t with her at the awards show: “@BruceLynnn @darrellbrown how cute was my date :) when my man’s a working, I call on m&g other sweetie @darrellbrown”

    Someone posted that Leann messed up at the awards show, struggled to walk up 6 stairs, and looked horrible.

  • If Eddie is so connected to Leann like they claimed in the E interview, why is Leann STILL single white femaling Brandi? For the ACAs Leann did her hair just like Brandi’s. She is trying so hard to be Brandi even in the type of dress she decided to wear to the event. Leann gives an interview about how Eddie loves her and then the very next day shows up at a public event looking like her husband’s ex-wife. Maybe Leann thought that if she looked like Brandi she could get Eddie to attend the show with her.

  • …”but he reacted in his own way and I allowed him to do that.”

    Proof she has him by the balls, proof Eddie’s a pitiful piece of shit to accept her reference.

  • That’s what I always say: Yeah it sucks to cheat on someone and there must have been a better way to handle that. But in the end they fell in love, they realized their marriages weren’t gonna go anywhere and they quit them. That’s good. The kids are probably happier now that their parents found someone they love instead of just being with someone they once loved and now can barely stand.

  • You know what’s even more annoying about the constant post about Rihanna/LeAnn/Lindsay/Amanda Bynes?
    You’re constant apologies of doing it anyway.

  • Eddie called Leann a speedbump and Leann spends the majority of their marriage morphing herself into Eddie’s ex-wife and single white femaling any woman Eddie comes into contact with(foot tattoo from SMJ interview about her affair with Eddie, SMJ was on Femme Fatales so one day Leann walks out in public wearing a shirt that says this, naming their dog after Jane Leeves, pretending to love animals because Josie Davis who played Eddie’s love interest was an animal advocate), so they didn’t fall in love. More like Eddie fell in GREED. Unless of course “love” is making Leann make out with his mistress while Eddie watches and takes photos. I think that Eddie and Leann’s marriage is over and these are just last minutes attempt to save face.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    OK cool! Do your thing, girl. Vent away! Ramble on and on about people!You love it :) Keep it up!

    So who wrote a negative article about Leann? The last time you went nuts like this it was because Leann didn’t get a Grammy nomination. So what happened tonight? Did Leann get booed off the stage or something?

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