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LeAnn Rimes Resorts to Talking About Brandi Glanville

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Poor LeAnn Rimes. It’s like, she’s such a private person, you know, and it’s really starting to get to her that her personal life is becoming so public. I mean, she would never say anything about her husband’s ex or the small children they share together, not when the whole world can hear!

But she just has to this time, you guys. She gave an exclusive statement to TMZ, and here’s what she had to say:

LeAnn tells TMZ … Brandi’s “outlandish allegations” are 100% B.S. She doesn’t have any diseases or addictions … and while she’s tried to remain silent in the past — out of respect for their families — there’s only so much “harassment” she can take.

LeAnn continues, “It’s a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone’s sake, this changes.”

We pushed Brandi’s people for a comment … and pushed … and pushed … and pushed … but came up with nothin’.

See? LeAnn is just so above all this stupid drama. It’s just pathetic.

Oh, by the way, tonight at 8:00 you can watch LeAnn discussing her marriage, her old marriage, and the transition between the marriages on E! Special: LeAnn Rimes. Here’s a preview:

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  • Omg I am so sick of Leann rimes can you please stop talking about her???? Nobody gives a shit, and you’re just giving her the publicity she wants and doesn’t deserve. PLEASE STOP.

  • For whatever reason, I take great pleasure in what is happening with her eye.
    And, you know, she sued Smiley pretty quickly, but has done nothing regarding Brandi’s claims – which (if they are fabricated, but I believe to be true) would be defamation at the very least. So, I think what Brandi is saying has some traction.

  • That was so fake, I couldn’t even watch it. I don’t think anyone in the history of the world has squeezed so many years of publicity out of having one popular song when they were fifteen (or however old she was.) She has obviously realized no one gives a crap about her for her music anymore and is satisfied with this. Like they say, negative attention is still attention, I guess.

  • Of course Leann resorts to talking about Brandi to TMZ, her interview with Guiliana and ENews isn’t getting positive feedback and on Yahoo Brandi was trending yesterday. Leann’s statement to TMZ also just looks like a last minute attempt to draw in viewers.

    If Leann wanted things to change or didn’t want any drama, all she had to do was stop tweeting about Brandi’s kids, stop taking passive aggressive digs at Brandi and encouraging her fans to attack Brandi, and remove all the stuff that she posted to twitter and her website about Brandi’s kids. Yesterday she tweeting about Brandi’s son’s soccer, now why would she do that considering that she had no intentions of going to that party? To taunt Brandi.

    Because Leann is such a “private” person and plays out every moment of her life on twitter, we know that Brandi’s allegations are not 100% B.S. or lies. Leann tweeted that she had a “explosive violent stomach” bug, but showed up at a hotel hours later the perfect picture of health. How did she recover so quickly? Because the “explosive stomach bug” was caused by laxatives. Abuse of laxatives also causes kidney stones. And would you be surprised to know that Leann has tweeted about how she had kidney stones? Since laxatives abuse results in the loss of minerals, it could also explain why Leann has so many dental problems. Leann has been photographed several times coming out of bathrooms while on vacation. We all thought Leann was being a famewhore whenever she was photographed wearing 2-3 bikinis in just one day or changed her outfit while out on a shopping spree with “her family”. Now that we have the last piece of the puzzle, it makes perfect sense why Leann has to have so many bikini changes in one day and why she had to change her outfit while shopping. Leann has to sit down during her concerts.

    Leann has tried to remain silent? This is what happens when ENews and Guiliana kiss Leann’s behind instead of calling her out on her bad behavior. Despite the fact that there is evidence of her taunting Brandi from the time the affair was exposed until today, Leann is going to play the victim and argue that everything that Brandi has said about her is a lie?

  • Leann is tweeting like she is in a manic phase. If you google side effects of Adderall, it causes mania. Leann’s actions on twitter today, give Brandi’s claims more weight.

  • Leann and her paid gigolo are walking the red carpet for the American Country Awards tomorrow. Now it makes even more sense why Leann went to TMZ and gave them this “Brandi is the villian” story. Desperate times call for desperate measures. She honestly thinks that this exclusive she gave to TMZ will fix her rep so that her red carpet appearance with her paid gigolo isn’t slammed tomorrow?

    Why was Leann even invited to the ACAs in the first place? Who did she bribe or bully to be on the awards show this year? Leann tweeted that she is presenting at the awards show. Not performing, hosting, or even a nominee, just presenting. That should be an indication to both Leann and her yes-people(aka ENews, Guiliana) that any publicity isn’t good publicity. It has got to be embarassing for Leann to see her peers nominated, while she gets snubbed everytime. There is a nomination for TOURING, and even for this category, Leann wasn’t nominated.

    Since Leann is on twitter making such a big fuss about how it’s Brandi who is creating the drama, she won’t be talking about Brandi’s kids or taking digs at Brandi while she is on the red carpet with her paid gigolo, right? Or did she just pay the writers to take digs at Brandi? Leann and Eddie always embarass themselves at these award shows, so what outrageous stunt do they have planned for tomorrow on the red carpet or as they watch the show?

  • You people are all crazy. Do you NOT see the muscle tone that girl has in her arms and legs. She is thinner, but she HAS a toned body. Think what you must haters, but the picture show the result of workouts and eating healthy, wishing we could all look that good!!!!!

  • Just when you think that Leann and Eddie can’t possibly stoop any lower…Leann and Eddie allowed Brandi’s kids to be in their interview with E! and Guiliana. So this entire time that Leann was tweeting about how she tried, didn’t want their personal business to be out in the public, and how it’s Brandi who is keeping the drama alive and trying to gain notoriety from airing their personal business, it didn’t occur to either Eddie or Leann to mention to Brandi that her sons would be in this interview too or ask ENews to remove those parts of the interview that included Brandi’s kids?

    ENews kept cranking out the negative stories about Brandi this entire time to cover themselves because they knew they did a bad thing by including Brandi’s kids in this interview with Leann and Eddie. I am just appalled by how E and Guiliana could be apart Leann and Eddie’s agenda.

  • Is it mean that I starting cracking up when she starts to cry? LOL. Damn, she has an ugly crying face!! She’s still an attention wh*re.

  • Why is this bitch so crazy? It’s disturbing! Also her vagina sticks out in the front and it looks weird. She has no business wearing anything print or fabric that falls flat because she has that weird looking toe kicking out (a p**** foot if you will) in the camera. She actually has the least photogenic face and body I’ve ever seen although I will say she has a glowing complexion besides that it looked like her mom drank while preggers which explains her face and body but she’s too manipulative to be retarded. Why is she constantly copying off Brandy its creepy she wants to skin her and wear her? It’s kinda like she’s obsessed with her I wouldn’t be suprised if she wanted to les out crying when Brandi wasn’t into it.

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