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Taylor Swift’s New Relationship “Has Tragedy Written All Over It”

A photo of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

I’m sorry, guys. I know that headline made it sound like something really interesting was happening. It’s not, though. It’s Taylor Swift‘s same old story: fall in love with a dude after approximately 0.3 seconds, obsess and cling for a few weeks, and then drive him away with crazy. It’s just that this time her friends are all “girl, really?”

From Radar:

Apparently Taylor Swift only has One Direction when it comes to her dating style, and that is diving in headfirst!

The 22-year-old, who is known for falling in love with famous men and then slamming them with hit songs, is already smitten with her new boy band beau Harry Styles, but pals are worried that the country star is just repeating the same mistakes she always makes with men and that the relationship is doomed to a tragic ending, and has the details.

“Taylor calls him her boyfriend, but it’s in the early stages,” a Swift source dished to Us Weekly, revealing that Swift is already changing around her schedule and hopping on private jets to spend time with the 18-year-old teen heartthrob.

“It’s the same Taylor story – it has tragedy written all over it.”

According to the source, Taylor, who exclusively revealed, first cozied up to Harry in April 2012 and quietly dated before she caught him kissing another girl, had him back in her sights as her relationship with Conor Kennedy fizzled.

“The breakup with Conor was easy because she already had Harry in mind,” the source says. exclusively revealed back in November that Taylor and Harry were giving it a second shot, and they have been in contact ever since, according to the Us Weekly source.

“They have a lot in common. Harry is superclose with his mom and grateful for what he has. He is a good guy,” the source says. “Once he likes a girl, he’s all in,” says a source close to Harry. “He’s very romantic: long emails, surprise gifts, meticulously planned dates.”

Is it just me, or does “the same Taylor story” need to be made into a Lifetime movie? And also, how does this girl get away with creeping as hard as she does? When she started dating my favorite Taylor ex, Conor Kennedy, he was 17, but they didn’t go public until after his 18th birthday. And little Harry Styles, he was a brand new 18 when Taylor first hooked up with him. Is she going to keep getting older while they stay the same age? How is this not being widely reported as creepy behavior?

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  • she’s 22, its not creepy shes with an 18 year old. its a 4 year age gap. Plus Guys do it all the time. Also, she seems really immature for her age especially in regards to relationships so they are prob emotionally right on her level.

  • She’s a bit dominant. She said it was her fantasy to land a bad boy who changes his ways for her. She seems to enjoy dominating young boys and being in control – even if it’s public revenge via song lyrics. She is creepy, in my opinion. She’s not as creepy as that Olson twin and Sarkozy….but…

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