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Surprise, Surprise: Lindsay is “Out of Control.” Again.

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From People:

Less than 24 hours before the well-documented punching incident at an N.Y.C. nightclub that got her arrested, Lohan was “dancing like crazy” past 2 a.m. at The Darby, at one point “causing a scene” when she thought she lost her phone, says an onlooker. “She even demanded that a girl at a nearby table empty her pockets.”

The following night, Lohan appeared drunk, according to reports, before she allegedly punched Tiffany Mitchell at a Manhattan nightclub. She is due in court for the altercation on Jan. 7.

Simply put, Lohan, 26, continues to struggle with alcohol, says a friend. “She will fool people into thinking she’s changed, but at some point in the night, she always snaps and it’s always the same story,” says the pal

Meanwhile, another source close to the actress denies that she has a problem and says that it’s the “near constant criticism” that’s taking a toll on her. “If everything you did was criticized, you’d lash out too,” says the pal. “But she’ll be fine, she’s tough. She’ll probably outlive everyone.”

Famous last words: “She’ll probably outlive everyone.” Isn’t that what people were saying in the months before Amy Winehouse died of what really turned out to be acute alcohol poisoning? Because I think it’d be really awful, actually, if Lindsay went the same route as Amy. Yeah, you know, we don’t know any of these people personally, and in almost all cases, these people with these substance abuse issues bring all of this hell down upon themselves, but jeez. I can’t imagine anyone with a soul not looking at this girl and saying, “I’m praying for you, girl” in one way or another, even if they do chuckle at her cracked-out meth antics from time to time.

Lindsay’s behavior was sad years ago, and it’s still sad today, but I think we’re crossing a line these days, guys, and it’s one of those unfortunate lines that, once you head beyond it, you can’t go back.

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  • Geez… Forget jail. Somebody needs to throw a large net over her head and haul her ass off to a mental hospital…and don’t forget the shock treatment !

  • Her story is not going to end well, sad to say. She refuses to acknowledge that anything is ever her fault. Can’t help anyone like that.

  • I get where you are coming from and it’s a caring place. But honestly this chick has had millions of dollars run through her hands when good single mothers I know aren’t sure how they will survive if this year’s layoffs hit them. This chick has screamed “Don’t you know who I am?” at everybody who DARES not kiss her freckled ass. Get help, Lindsay, or don’t get help, Lindsay. But you are bothering, hurting, slapping, stealing from, driving into other people. Your rights end right at the moment you touch somebody else’s. And, no, I don’t care if she lives or dies anymore. I will leave that for her family.

  • I’m so confused as to how this girl hasn’t gotten her ass kicked yet. She’s constantly starting shit, yelling at people, accusing randoms of taking her shit/taking her photo/talk about her etc. All it takes is for her to pull that crap on one wrong person.

  • I actually do feel really sorry for her. Growing up in a family like hers with a stage mom and starting acting at such young age… growing up in hollywood with everyone watching cannot be easy whatsoever. Life is difficult as it is, but imagine if you, yourself had to read other peoples opinion about your downfalls and whatever else you experience in life in cruel, detailed ways. I wouldn’t know whom to trust anymore, whom to believe. People would suck up to you to get money or a minute of fame off you, disregarding the fact that you actually have feelings.

    I hope that she does save herself.

  • And so Sarah’s curious face-turn continues. Who knew she was Lindsay’s concerned older sister? This is such terribly poignant stuff. I never knew you could write such beautiful, heartfelt blog entries. Maybe you could turn this into a tumblr-style blog where you just post pictures of celebrities in chronological order and gravely chronicle their self-destruction…all for the public good of course.

  • “We’re crossing the line, these days”, I do hope you mean Lindsay is crossing the line, if so, yes that’s sad for her. If you mean we should all chip in and pay her back taxes because she’s going through such a rough time and not be tired of her bad behavior, forget about it.

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