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You Will Never Ever Guess Who Shia LaBeouf’s New Girlfriend Is

A photo of Shia LaBeouf

Oh, this is exciting! You won’t guess, not in a million, gazillion years! And when I tell you, you’ll be so very surprised!

Ok, so yesterday I told you guys that Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend broke up a little while back, right? And we speculated that the breakup probably happened because Shia’s a great big ol’ douche who insisted on having actual sex in a Very Artistic Film, Nymphomaniac. We knew that she wasn’t in love with that idea, and it makes sense to suggest that as a reason for the split.

Now that we’re done with the background, why don’t you go ahead and take a guess as to who Shia’s been seeing lately? It will be so funny, you’ll never be able to figure this one out!

Shia’s been dating a girl named Mia Goth, his 19-year-old costar in Nymphomaniac! Who could have ever foreseen that one?!

The word is that they started dating right after he and his ex, Karolyn Pho, broke up. Their relationship works because they both love alternate music and thrift stores (no really, this source actually discusses their mutual love of alternative music and thrift stores), and she is “edgy and funny, which Shia loves.” And he’s already met her parents! So basically this is really serious.

But hey, serious question: how does this guy keep getting women to be interested in him? Would you put up with him in order to gain access to his connections and his money? Because that sacrifice sounds way too big to me.

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  • They are perfect for each other. Any 19 year old who’s parents are okay with her being in a movie where she is having real sex with her costar are definitely into an alternative lifestyle. Shia’s mom raised him in a weird way as well. I think she is some kind of nude hippy.His ex is lucky she escaped.

    • Well she is 19 so whether they agreed with it or not, she is of age so she can do anything she wants. I’m not trying to attack you, just saying if she is 19 then even if her parents don’t approve of it, she can still do it, know what I mean?

  • Oh come on! Can’t people enjoy their new love? Sorry, just immersed in my own positivity about love. Must use the word “positivity” because…well, people just know negativity. Look, I’m right there with Shia and his f%’d up situation. See you in the next post=p

  • I just googled Mia Goth and all I can think of is “where the fuck are her eyebrows??” No, but seriously, where are they?

  • I read that even though Karolyn Pho wasn’t happy about the sex scene ordeal, they actually broke up because he was cheating on her. (With this Mia Goth girl?) It’s kind of hard to see where to draw the line with this one- real sex scene vs. cheating…uh…

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