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Shia LaBeouf’s Girlfriend Finally Broke Up with Him

A photo of Shia LaBeouf

Can we just start a collective “you go, girl”? Because Shia LaBeouf‘s ex deserves it. Can you even imagine what it would be like to date him? So gross. And they were together for two whole years, which blows my mind because I think I would break up with him about three seconds after I figured out I was dating Shia LaBeouf. So let’s give her a hand for putting her foot down and saying “Shia LaBeouf, you are a complete jackass and we shall be involved no more.”

Actually, I’m just making most of that up, I have no idea what really happened. All I know for sure is that Shia and his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, are no longer together. I don’t know who broke up with who, but it apparently happened “a while ago,” and Shia was seen with another lady over the weekend.

But really, I think I’m right. We knew that Karolyn was getting annoyed with Shia and all his stupid bullshit and his status as a Very Important Actor, and I’m just filling in the blanks with guesses that she got fed up with his desire to do porn and build weird farms. And if I’m completely wrong and Shia was the one who ended the relationship, then … I can’t be wrong. Why would any woman stay with Shia LaBeouf in 2012?

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  • amen. Every interview I’ve read with him has left me feeling that he is just a douche whose career ended right after it began – when his personality shone through. Too bad the same didn’t happen with Chris Brown.

  • He is such an idiot. I mean that literally. He seems to be unable to think. He always either looks a bit lost or like he might lash out for no particular reason. I’ll bet he has no understanding of why that girl broke up with him.

  • You know nothing of their situation or what either one is like but have no problems condemning, I know who I consider the idiot to be, gossip columnist are the biggest hypocrites

    • Actually we do know some things. Shia Laboeuf had said that his girlfriend did not want him to have real sex with his costar for the next film he is doing, but he was dead-set on doing it anyway because it was most important to him to please his director. You are as dumb as Shia Laboeuf if you think that is not the reason the relationship ended.

    • Then why post here? You seem to be the only idiot by continuing to read and post on said gossip sites written by hypocritical gossip columnists.

  • Emily, you should have used a photo of Karolyn Pho instead here!! She’s so beautiful and if you want to give her props, well….

  • I actually had the *pleasure* of meeting him in college 8 years ago. He used to date a girl in my dorm. All I remember was him saying he brushes his teeth with alcohol, and that he and his girlfriend were publicly fighting all night. And he had a Louis Vuitton suitcase. I swear I’m not making this up – he really is as much of a douche as he appears.

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