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Now Lindsay Wants Her Own Sitcom

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

It’s happening. Hollywood’s darling (ha ha) is shooting for the moon. Drunk off the success or whatever from her big Lifetime movie, Lindsay Lohan is interested in prolonging her comeback with her very own television show!

From Radar:

Even though critics raked Lindsay Lohan over the coals for her performance in the Lifetime television movie Liz & Dick, the former child actress is determined to star in her own television sitcom, is exclusively reporting.

“Lindsay has asked her manager and agent to look into getting her her own television sitcom,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively. “Lindsay feels that the small screen would be a great way for her to revitalize her acting career and that a comedy would be the best bet. Lindsay feels most comfortable doing comedy and it was Charlie Sheen that told her she should do it. Charlie told Lindsay that it was an easy way to make very good money and help her to get her movie career back on track. Lindsay is loving the idea of having her own sitcom and would love to play someone in a story based on her crazy life.”

Oh, and here’s another lovely tidbit from the source:

“Lindsay isn’t fazed at all by the criticism. She thinks everyone is insanely jealous of her, and like it or not, she was trending on Twitter last night. Lindsay hopes that she could get her own television sitcom like Kirstie Alley did with Fat Actress. Lindsay admires what Kirstie did and wants to follow in her footsteps,” the insider says.

Do we really even need to discuss this? This is already in the works, right? Because I want to live in a world where Lindsay Lohan can say “I want a sitcom” and then instantly get a sitcom. I want to live in a world where people care about what I care about, where my wants and needs are taken into account. And I both want and need a Lindsay Lohan sitcom. In order for me to thrive as a human being, I need that.

Can we get a premiere date or something now?

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  • Sounds like Charlie actually tried to help her: $100k and some employment advice. What’s Charlie up to lately? I heard he was doing pretty good for a while.

  • I think we can guarantee it won’t be in front of a studio audience. In fact, better just give her the camera so she can shoot something whenever the hell she feels up for it.

  • WANT!
    I just don’t know if she’s stable enough for a sitcom.
    But I think that she’s better with comedy, too. Serious acting just isn’t for her.

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