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13Love It or Leave It: Holy Crap, This is What Lindsay Lohan Wore to the ‘Liz & Dick’ Premiere

photo of lindsay lohan liz and dick premiere pictures photos
So. Yeah. This is what she wore to her first ‘Liz & Dick’ premiere event, and I guess the word “classy” would probably sum it all up nicely, right? Well, no, not quite, because Lindsay looks like a … well, she looks similar to … alright, well she looks nothing like Liz Taylor, and that includes words like “classy,” “elegant,” and any variation on the word “lovely.” No, I’m thinking the adjectives “rode hard,” “strung out,” and “sad” probably hit the nail on the head just about right. I’m *almost* starting to feel something similar to shame for all of the ragging that I do on Lindsay, because it’s apparent that she’s so far gone that she doesn’t even realize it. What a damn mess all around.

Here’s a clip from last night’s ‘Leno’ on which Lindsay appeared as guest. It’s colossally bad. This poor bitch can’t even string more than four or five words in a row together anymore without making us all uncomfortable:

On a final note, you guys do realize that Lindsay is twenty-six years old and not thirty-six or forty-six, right? Because honestly, if she lives that long, can you imagine the state she’ll be in in a decade? Or worse, two?

November 21, 2012 at 6:30 am by Sarah
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13 Responses to “Love It or Leave It: Holy Crap, This is What Lindsay Lohan Wore to the ‘Liz & Dick’ Premiere”

  1. Emily says:

    And her lips just look so natural!

    • Emily says:

      Also, ahahahahaha. E’s story about the premiere is that Lindsay went for “old Hollywood glamour.” This is all so precious.

  2. momster says:

    SO much plastic surgery – wow -

  3. lana says:

    Poor pathetic little thing.

  4. mireee says:

    The red hair on the Little Mermaid dolls looks more natural than her wig. Fucking hell is it bad.

  5. Webster says:

    I can’t fall into the “poor little Lindsay trap” because she brings all this ragging on herself. She dressed and put on her makeup like she didn’t have a mirror or maybe she was planning to hit the streets after the movie.

  6. kimcheee says:

    She isn’t recognizable in one pic – bloated, huge lips and a very stoned look in her eyes.

  7. kimcheee says:

    I hate to say this, but I bet she’ll die before either of her parents….and they’re major train wrecks.

  8. Lola says:

    That dress is a hideous, cheap looking, piece of crap.

  9. beautifulmouth says:

    Its hard to afford a beautiful dress when all ur money goes to lawyer fees or crack dealers!!!

  10. CranAppleSnapple says:

    Thoroughly awesome article, Sarah! :D

  11. Taeko says:

    I had to look up the entire interview to figure out this dress.
    It’s even worse than I imagined!

    (22 second mark)

    Also, according to Jay Leno, “she’s getting great reviews” for Liz & Dick. Hahahahaha! Oh, Jay, you ARE funny!

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