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Lindsay Lohan Is Talking Too Much

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is doing way too many interviews. Way, way too many. And I appreciate it, I really do, but I just don’t know if it’s a good idea for her. Like, she keeps saying all these silly things, and that’s not going to help her get an Oscar. Which, by they way, she’s still talking about.

Here’s her latest interview, from Us Weekly via Celebitchy:

On love: “I’m not focused on that yet. I want to do a ton of movies first. After I win an Oscar, I can start thinking about love. I think there are a lot of directors and producers who know I’m a good actress. I just want them to get past the misconception that I’m not reliable, because I am. I’m going to make them believe in me again.”

On kids: “I want to adopt a son.”

No regrets: “[I regret] nothing, because then I wouldn’t have been able to cry in scenes at the drop of a hat. I have it tattooed: LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS. I’m not saying I wanted to go to a jail cell, but I’ve drawn from all of it.”

She’s better than Elizabeth Taylor: “Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I’ve never been drunk on set, ever. I did my time and I respect the law.”

On Marilyn Monroe: “Marilyn Monroe went to an institution and said, ‘I may not belong here like the world thinks I do, but I might as well take what I can get here and use it and help other people.’ I think that’s what everyone should take from those experiences.”

On being famous: “Since I was a kid, I’ve loved being on camera. Don’t misconstrue that: I didn’t strive to have flashbulbs at dinner or people who don’t know me calling TMZ. And 99% of the time, it’s not true. I feel bullied. Even when I colored my hair, tabloids said I was going crazy. I wanted a different hair color! I can’t think of any actor who has been subjected to such extreme publicity who hasn’t, like, committed suicide.”

On being a mess: “I was a teenager and everything I did was on the news. I would have been in college then. I’m not defending it because I chose to be in the public eye. But it got exhausting. I still don’t think it was a bad thing that I was going out a lot. When I got in trouble, I owned up to it.”

On being a kid: “Kids go through ups and downs, try cigarettes, drugs and drinking. It’s human nature. It took a while but it’s like, What was I thinking? Why did I allow so many sycophants and bad influences to be around me? I was lonely and I didn’t realize it. That’s why I came back home to New York. I never feel lonely there. I can see my family and I have really good people in my life.”

On her time in jail: “I’m not going to go there because people might take my answer in different ways. But a punishment is a punishment and I take responsibility for my actions when I’m wrong. I was raised that way by my mom. I turned myself in. A lot of that decision had to do with the public because they’re not going to stop until they see me behind bars.”

There are just so many things to comment on, and I can’t do it all myself. I’ll do a couple though. One, it’s not that the public “won’t stop” until they see you in jail, it’s that people get frustrated when someone so blatantly breaks the law and doesn’t get any punishment for it whatsoever. Two, you didn’t “go through ups and downs” like every kid, you broke several laws over the course of several years. Three, stop talking about that Oscar, because it’s just sad. Four, never adopt a son.

Ok, if you guys could take over now, that’d be great.

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  • Damn she dissed Elizabeth Taylor, what a drug-addled delusional crackheaded mess! The worst part she wants to adopt a child thats the scarest thing I’ve ever heard!

  • As an actor your voice, face and body are your only tools, her face is busted, her body is ok, but looks soft/gooey and her voice, HER VOICE is what kills me. Nobody NOBODY is going to pay 14 bucks or more to go to one of her movies and sit there to listen to that ravaged voice from smoking, asthma, coke/crack/whack she sounds like she is a year away from a voice kazoo.

    And all this comparing herself to Monroe like she is walking in her shoes. She is no Monroe, so stop blowing kisses to the camera and pretending to be her, it’s creepy and it’s wrong.

    90% of actors in LA are unemployed on any given day, who have done far less than her and can’t get work. But Lindsay expects everyone to give her a clean slate (because she says so) and keep her employed and given roles much more worthier actors deserve.

    I really hope the LA DA charges her with lying to the police for the car accident her probation gets violated and she serves out that last 300 days or so the Judge threatned her with. Even though 300 days in LA equals about 4 minutes in lock up. But what it will do is make her harder to insure and producers will pass on giving her work due to the financial burden that comes with insuring her.

    end rant.

  • Her new “big” movie Liz and Dick, per the reviewers, it sucks, she sucks. he sucks. the whole thing sucks!! Good luck Lilo on making the “ton” of movie,s don’t think its gonna happen. She lives a delusional life, and a life filled with lies, why can’t she just straighten herself out? Is it the career,. she doesn’t want it? Then blames everyone for her problems except herself Blames her parents, blames the paps freaking blame yourself!

  • That was awesome, Emily! :D

    “When I got in trouble, I owned up to it.”
    Oh yeah: they weren’t you pants, that IS your coat, that necklace was a gift, you weren’t behind the wheel…

  • i think people are way too hard on LL. she is just like any other 24-26 year old i know (i’m 25) i relate a lot to her because I have been through a lot of ups and downs in the last 10 years of my life; she is just like any other good looking young adult trying to make it in life. she has a bad reputation because she partied hard and made some mistakes; as far as i know, almost anyone that was anyone at my school ((Tulane University) did a ton of drugs (uppers, downers, whatever, we are a preppy uptown school obviously its a pretty big drug scene) partied really hard, got alcohol poisoning and acted a fool in public at least once or twice, drove drunk high coked/barred out or all of the above, and slept around. All that stuff is normal– lindsay only got caught and hated on for all of it because she is famous.

    everyone is so hard on her thinking she is unreliable and can’t be responsible, but everyone is capable of getting their shit together, its just a lot harder when people are constantly talking shit about you. just saying, try to think about when you were young and stupid, and all the dumb stuff you did–you didn’t do it with the whole world watching, and you didnt have the whole world to answer to. none of us know her personallly, so to say that she isn’t trying to be a better person or that she should never get to raise a kid is just kicking someone when they are down.

    also let’s be serious, in any given moment, people slip up, getting arrested is scary as fuck bc your whole life pretty much flashes before your eyes, anyone in that moment will say anything to save their own ass.

    i’m not saying she is perfect but i think people just get off on hating her because she’s an easy target. People just hate her because they never got to be “that girl” that gets all the attention, that looks the hottest at every party, because if you have ever had any fun or story worthy, you realy wouldn’t be that hard on her.

    (by the way, i’m using the word “you” referring to the general population, because let’s be serious i am in the minority, everyone hates her)

    • Wow. *eyeroll*
      You know who is legitimately the hottest and best? Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, people like those two beautiful and actually TALENTED ladies. They are also decent and law-abiding. But I’m sure the whole “people are just jealous” line helps the Trash sleep better at night when they have made yet another heinous mess for themselves.

    • Odd, I went to Tulane and knew no one like you just described. I guess it all depends on the circles you run in and the company you keep. The people I knew went there to get an education and be someone when they graduated.

    • That’s funny. I don’t think most 24-26 year olds are like that.

      I’m 26, went to college, did not do crazy ton of drugs like you say, did not get alcohol poisoning, get into car accidents, get arrested. I had fun, but I know where the line is. Finished med school and I’m a resident now.

      I don’t really buy the whole “oh it’s completely normal for people that age.” No it’s not. By 23-24 you really should have grown out of that ridiculous shit. Be a responsible member of society.

  • Let’s be serious here, Lindsay didn’t have to go through all this trouble, like drink like a fish, do drugs, steal, run people over, crash her car into trucks, lie like a rug, go to jail, etc., just to be able to cry in a scene at the drop of a hat to win that oscar. I can cry just thinking about sad stuff at the drop of a hat, girl that’s not what acting is about and judging from the majority of bad reviews I’ve read on your Liz and Dick movie, crying at the drop of a hat is the least of your problems. She needs to shut up and go away for a while because as of yet, she hasn’t got her shit together.

  • I think she was fantastic in Georgia Rule.
    If she would just lay off the crack/booze & lip injections she may be able to make a comeback

  • @Yuki : “People just hate her because they never got to be “that girl” that gets all the attention, that looks the hottest at every party, because if you have ever had any fun or story worthy, you realy wouldn’t be that hard on her”
    Come on, now, you can have all the fun you want AND work hard at the same time. This poor soul lacks any education whatsoever, and we need to stop celebrating famous people who quit school.
    And all you need is a mini skirt to “get all the attention” !

  • Remind me never to drive anywhere in the vicinity of Tulane, as apparently everyone in a 50 mile radius is cracked-out, all the time, and I’m just jealous.

    Best laugh I’ve had all day. Good luck with the job market.

  • ” I can’t think of any actor who has been subjected to such extreme publicity who hasn’t, like, committed suicide.”

    This is the part that really got me, I mean, seriously?

  • let me clarify–Tulane B-school in the height of the pike era (i graduated in 09). i didn’t mean the whole school, that was my bad.

  • and also most people i know that were trainwrecks including myself are all doing fine in the job market, i’m just saying it takes some people longer to get their life together than others, and it might be a little harder to do when the whole world is hating on you constantly waiting for your next mistake. i didn’t mean to scare people away from Tulane, because it’s a great school, I was just using it as an example, because it’s kind of a party school.