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Now Let’s Watch Christina Aguilera’s Performance at The AMAs

I always think it’s so interesting when a person with a real talent for something screws up. You know what I mean? Like if Lindsay Lohan, who has a talent for doing drugs and committing crimes, was seen turning down meth and truthfully reporting the incident to a nearby police officer. That would be interesting, right? You’d want to see that.

That’s the reason that I’m showing you this video of Christina Aguilera performing at last night’s American Music Awards. She is a person with a real talent for singing, but in this video, she’s not good at it. Interesting!

But this whole thing is a mess, isn’t it? It doesn’t sound good, like at all, and it’s just this weird collaboration of awful and embarrassing. I mean, she’s allowed to have an off night, but it’s like everyone who was involved with planning and designing this performance had an off night, which is a lot less common.

But did you love it?

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  • sounds like there was a problem with the sound stuff, whatever it’s called. it just doesn’t sound right. a little too unnatural too, too much autotune?? and maybe also combined with her having a night off too…. just not well put together. she usually nails it though with her singing. she did awesome at the Sandy benefit show.

  • it was painful to watch. but at least her past performances have been pretty consistently good and we know she does have a great, strong voice. i think this performance is stil a lot better than britney’s embarassing show (was hat the VMA??)…because here , it does sound like technical crap was going on too.

  • reasons why i thought this sucked, besides the horrid autotune of course:
    1 – filling her new song with shout-outs to her old hits.
    2 – looking like a plump lady gaga.
    3 – having “little monster” like dancers on stage.
    it’s all be done!
    revolution my ass.