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Ke$ha’s Body is a Wonderland

photo of ke$ha pictures wonderland magazine pictures
Well, now, I don’t know that for a fact (John Mayer‘s the expert in that area), but she *did* do an interview with Wonderland magazine, and despite the fact that she looks kind of dirty, she’s looking pretty hot. So alright. I guess Ke$ha‘s body could be a wonderland, but here’s Ke$ha telling people that they’ve, like, totally got the wrong impression of her:

“The thing about me and what I do is that I think some people initially got the wrong impression, that I was taking it really seriously… that it was somehow supposed to be a really serious thing. And it’s just fun…. All I want to do is inspire other people to be themselves and have a f**koff good time. Honestly. And I don’t really find anything negative in that.”

And girlfriend on her latest album:

“Of course the goal is to reinvent pop music. That’s the very lofty goal when anybody’s making a new record. We shall see. It could come out and everyone thinks it’s total garbage. I hope not because I’ve spent a year and poured my heart and soul into it.”

And, of course, how much she loves seedy strip clubs:

“Whenever I have a long work day, my reward is… I get to go to a strip club. I suppose I feel very at home in a place where people are just like… f**k it.”

So there’s this club that I totally think Ke$ha would feel at home, and it’s called “Club Try Too Hard.” I really think she’d fit right in there, and isn’t that what f-cking off and saying ‘f-ck it’ is all about? Doing it and saying it with those who totally agree with you? All in the same place, where people happen to be bumping and grinding semi-nude for cash?