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Kim Kardashian Loves Balls

photo of kim kardashian marine ball pictures
Guess Kim didn’t get the memo that celebrities attending Marine Balls were so last year. Gosh.

Anyway, this photo pretty much speaks for itself—Kim Kardashian was invited to a Marine Ball because BOOBS and when she got there, BOOBS as well. BOOBS all night long, actually, which made any discussion about balls pretty uncomfortable. I bet, however, it’d have been worse if, for whatever reason, it was called the Marine Blue Ball (?).

And also, I’m having a hard time believing that Kanye West wasn’t positively green with envy and red with jealousy that Kim was on the arm of another man, a man who’s probably infinitely more accomplished and infinitely more polite than Kanye himself could ever be.

What a family, guys.

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