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Lady Gaga Gets Spanked for Terry Richardson

And if you watched the video, Lady Gaga raps. Good Lord. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? See, I watched the Terry Richardson-done video teaser thinking that it was just going to be your typical Gaga, bumping and grinding and singing about how she was born this way or whatever, with a side of lady-on-lady spanking going on, but I did not—I did not—expect to hear Lady Gaga rapping about thirty million fans and how she’s rich and how she’s got money. No, the braless flailing wasn’t even the most disturbing part of the clip. It was LG’s monotone rapping that really did me in, guys, and that being said? Oh my God I cannot WAIT to see the entire video for this ‘Cake’ song.

Here’s the full song if you haven’t already heard it:

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  • She is probably one of the least sexually attractive women I’ve ever seen. That video just made me feel gross.

    • I like some of her stuff.

      Made it to 46 seconds and I agree.

      Fucking Awful is spot on.

      That song makes me want to kick a Prius.

  • Well, I know Gaga can be a little awkward at times…but she really is a sweet person. I mean, she has this huge connection with her fans you know. A connection that no other celebrity has with their fans. Gaga has a very uniqe message and a very uniqe way of showing it. But yet people still judge her like a book…if they dont like the title, or the picture they automatically hate it without seeing its pages. I know Gaga can seem strange, but she really is different. She has a heart. Unlike some celebrities who are in it for the money, Gaga does it to have fun with her fans. Gaga is just a girl who wants to have fun and explore different things. And to be honest, I dont blame her.