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Things Are Getting Serious Between John Mayer and Katy Perry

photo of katy perry and john mayer dating pictures
From the Gossip Center:

Reuniting again after a well-known break-up, Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly been spotted cozying up around Tinseltown.

On Saturday (November 10), the on-again couple attended a party at St. Felix in Hollywood to celebrate the birthdays of Hello Giggles blogger Sophia Rossi and “New Girl” co-creator Liz Meriwether. At the bash, the “Wide Awake” singer and her 35-year-old beau looked “so affectionate,” according to an Us Weekly source.

The insider noted that they looked to be “full on dating” and continued, “John had his hand on Katy’s back a lot, and they were kissing and holding hands.”

Ugh, ugh, and ugh. Can these two get more pathetic? Wait, let me rephrase that: can Katy Perry get more pathetic? Because we all know just how pathetic John Mayer is, and how he pretty much can’t get any lower no matter HOW many A-list starlets he ends up bagging, so I’m putting the whole thing on Katy Perry now. This is all her fault, and any silliness that ensures from here on out, she is *totally* asking for, because I’m sorry. But John Mayer is like the Homer Simpson of celebrities, belches, ass-gas and all.