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Love It or Leave It: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at The Breaking Dawn Premiere

A photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

It’s that time, guys. The second part of Breaking Dawn, the last Twilight movie ever (probably), is being released on Friday. You know what that means? It means a lot of things, but right now it means that the official premieres are starting up, which in turn means that we get to start seeing official photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and everybody else, all dressed up. Isn’t that fun?

That picture up there was taken last night at the Hollywood premiere, and don’t they both look so gorgeous? What I’m saying is, doesn’t Kristen Stewart look so gorgeous? I’m not a fan of hers, but even I can admit when she rocks a look, and she is really, really rocking this. The hair, the makeup, that dress. Doesn’t that dress look amazing? I thought so, until I saw the whole thing:

A photo of Kristen Stewart

The skirt is sheer, and that’s really sad. She still looks so, so good, and the dress is still lovely, but I just … I don’t know, I just can’t approve of sheer formal dresses. And it’s even worse, because this probably would have been Kristen’s best look ever, for me, at least, if that damn skirt wasn’t sheer. It’s a sad day, friends.

What do you think about her dress? Are you pumped for the premiere, or are you more excited that it will finally be over soon?

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  • Yowza. That dress is bad. Not too much of a fan of the lipstick, either. She is a pretty girl but she needs better people helping her dress and with her makeup.

  • I thought the dress was so pretty until I saw the full length photo! It would have looked 100% better if it was sheer!!

  • When you get caught doing slut-things, don’t wear your best whore costume to the premiere. Halloween was last week.

  • i love her dress she really rocked so did robert how with all this is over they will leave her alone and let them live their lives no matter what they need to stop bringing up the affair it over and done with

    • Having an affair implies being in a relationship – which probably never existed. Let’s bet that after this Twilight hype is over they break up?

  • She’s had the same friggin hair forever now. Only difference between red carpet events & day-to-day is she showers for the events. She’s a beautiful girl but lately her only looks she’s sporting is greasy grung emo or washed grung old lady make up emo.

  • Blech, bottom of that dress is terrible. I do like the top and I think the color looks good on Robert Pattinson but you nailed it with the dress. The bottom half is just hideous!

  • I want to like this dress, just so that I don’t feel stupid for disliking everything she wears. And it looks so good on the model! But… it’s just hot pants and a lace A-line skirt on her. Oh, and also a bustier top that makes her look flat chested.

  • Gorgeous dress and she definitely looks beatiful. It would just be so much better if at least the area around the top of her thighs and bum wasn’t so sheer. Nothing wrong with sheer fabric to show off herlegs though :)

    On the other hand, Robert’s suit is disgusting. It looks like they copied the print and colour from a tacky car dashboard.