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Taylor Swift Wears Pants

A photo of Taylor Swift

It’s true, believe it or not! Taylor Swift wears pants sometimes instead of dresses, and that’s the most important thing about her, according to this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Girl wears pants. Literally and figuratively.

Let’s read her interview together, shall we?

On dresses (not pants): “There’s just something so feminine about a dress. Whether it’s a summertime dress that makes me feel carefree, an evening cocktail dress that makes me feel fancy, or a vintage dress that makes me feel like a ’50s housewife—which I enjoy feeling like, for some reason—I just really like dresses.”

On wearing pants for the photo shoot: I think doing something that’s different, that’s out of your comfort zone is important. Personal growth, let’s call it that.”

On her BFFs: “We never talk about fashion, about career, about our ambitions or our projects. We just talk about relationships, feelings, love, and boys.”

On the terrifying nature of pants in relationships: “It needs to be equal. If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up.” Relationships are “the ultimate collaboration,” she adds, but sometimes “it’s wonderful to hand over the reins to your boyfriend when you control so much of these big, high-pressure decisions, you know? That is a huge defining factor in who you choose to be with.”

On blogs: “What I had to learn to do, in order to maintain a general happiness in my life, was to stop reading everything. And then it gets really bad if you go through a breakup and those blogs have these polls asking, ‘Who should they date next?’ And you’re just sitting there staring at the laptop bawling.”

On booooys: “Some combinations of people are toxic, you know? You have to find the right one that isn’t just going to explode into fiery ash and destruction.”

On writing songs about boooooys: “Despite all of that and how unpleasant it is, as a writer you get a lot from it. It’s a crazy justification system. You know that guy you really wish you could erase from your memory? But then the answer is track six, eight, 12, and 13.”

Every Taylor Swift interview makes me want to shove my head in an oven, and this one is no exception, but her obvious psycho tendencies are always so baffling to me. This girl will be 23 years old in a month and she STILL talks like this. She doesn’t talk about careers or ambitions or anything else with her friends besides BOYS. And she basically admitted that she used to read gossip blogs about herself and cry. And she referred to wearing pants as something that is out of her comfort zone. Ugh. Ugh for days.

Check out the gallery, where Taylor will shock you with her many pairs of pants.

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  • First of all, I am STILL giggling about the evil sorcerer Olsen thing from yesterday. And now: “Every Taylor Swift interview makes me want to shove my head in an oven.”

    You are magical.

    Also, SERIOUSLY. I had better things to talk about even at 16, but I would understand if these were her conversational priorities at 16.

    Also, the way that she talks about surrendering control in certain situations? She sounds like a submissive in a BDSM relationship. Please don’t let anyone mention that to her, though. I *so* do not need to hear any of my lady friends (or gay friends from more rural areas) playing banjo-filled songs about finding a new “Master.”

    • Weirdly, I don’t find that bad? Like, I guess if you have such a high-flying career as hers it’s nice to sit on the co-pilot control and let someone else take the decisions.

      • I understand that. I suppose that I really find it odd that she, as a celebrity, said it aloud. Admittedly, I am a control freak who is ALSO not prone to actual relationships. Friendships, sexual partners, overlap between the two? Sure.

        That’s probably why I do not appreciate Taylor Swift — she’s on a quest for love and I understand that love and happiness can be found in friends, games, doing something that you love, and food.

        That, and banjos scare the crap out of me. I hear them and I’m sure that there’s a lynch mob just around the corner.

  • I have decided that maybe she is having difficulty in her love life because she is 23 and dating “boys” instead of “men.”

    • I kind of disagree with that. I’m 25 (ugh), and my friends and I will sometimes say “boys” instead of “guys.” Only sometimes do we talk about guys as “men” — it just sounds so old.

  • “We never talk about fashion, about career, about our ambitions or our projects. We just talk about relationships, feelings, love, and boys.” fucking hell so she and her friends don’t even pass the Bechdel test when they’re together.

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