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Michelle Duggar Got A New Haircut, Looks Amazing, Hates It

A photo of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

We all know what Michelle Duggar‘s hair situation is. We’ve seen those crunchy curls and those big ol’ bangs for years now. We all know what’s going on there. She’s never changed her hairstyle – seriously, never, she says that she’s had that hairstyle for the past 40 years – so we’ve never really had a reason to think that things could get better for her. But they did.

For Michelle’s 46th birthday, her kids planned a bunch of surprises for her, and one of them was a makeover. One of her friends did her hair, and she did a damn fine job:

A photo of Michelle Duggar

Amazing, right? She looks so good with that hair. She looks phenomenal. And I know there’s a pretty good chance that this isn’t the first time you’ve seen her new look, but I can’t stop talking about it yet. It looks SO GOOD.

Here’s the part that you maybe haven’t heard about yet: Michelle hates it.

From People:

“Going from curly to totally straight was a shock for me,” Duggar admits, “but I am loving it and I have been doing both styles, curly and straight, since the cut.”

When her lifelong pal Cindy suggested the shorter style, Duggar let go and let the inches come off without trepidation, she shares.

“I can trust Cindy,” she says. “But my back was to the mirror and I didn’t know how much I got taken off. It was too funny when I realized how much was gone! And it felt so light.”

So what does husband Jim Bob think of his wife’s new ‘do?

“I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want,” she says. “I think he was a little shocked at first, it was so straight and so different. But he does like it. I think I shocked everyone at the [birthday] party. They were very surprised.”

The different style is taking Duggar a little while to master — and a little while for her youngest, 2-year-old Josie, to get used to as well.

“Little Josie kept touching my hand and saying, ‘Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?’” Duggar says. “She wanted to make sure I was still me.” But despite the big change, “I definitely like the new look,” Duggar insists. “It has been fun.”

Oh, honey. No. You don’t like it. Probably because Jim Bob was a passive aggressive asshole about it and now you feel self conscious. Probably you don’t even realize how sad your statement of “what he likes is what I want” is. Probably you need to be emancipated.

But seriously, how great does she look?

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  • I can’t STAND marriages/relationships like this: “Oh, I had to ask my husband PERMISSION before I cut it….”. UGH. I get so many compliments on my short hair and so many women say they’d have to get permission before they cut it. It makes me sick. UGH.

  • She definitely looks better with her hair like that. Do you think JimBob is one of those creepy men who actively try to make their wives unattractive so other men wouldn’t talk to them? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • I understand that when you are in a relationship, you take the other person’s opinion into account. But when the issue is something that is part of or attached to your body, I think you should get to decide for yourself.

    • Of course that “quiverfull” movement they are part of basically sees women’s bodies as baby ovens, so I guess not getting to pick your hairstyle would seem trivial.

  • She has 20 kids, it probably takes a long time to straighten. I bet that factors into her decision of whether she likes it or not.

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