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2Oh No, Kristen Stewart, Your Makeup!

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Yeah, because no. It’s really, really bad – I’d say it makes her look like she’s got a unibrow, which, sorry to all of the unibrowed people out there, is never a good look, but it’s too far down, so she looks like she’s got some kind of malformation of her forehead and eyebrows and eyelids. It’s like she was going for a Vulcan look, but the makeup artist heard “vulva” instead, and made a vagina out of black eye makeup atop the bridge of Kristen’s nose.

Anyway, this is what Kristen looked like for a recent ‘On the Road’ thing, and while I like her dress alright, and the fact that she’s standing next to that hot-hottie-hotterson, Garrett Hedlund, the eye makeup is just simply atrocious, and there’s really no reparations that can be made for such a thing.

Let’s just forget about Kristen Stewart for the day (way hard, I know) and start fresh tomorrow morning, can we do that?

November 9, 2012 at 7:30 am by Sarah
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2 Responses to “Oh No, Kristen Stewart, Your Makeup!”

  1. Veronica says:

    Atrocious? Really? I think it’s great she is up for experimenting and it actually looks pretty cool.

  2. mireee says:

    I think it looks great but more for a photoshoot or some sort of high fashion things, but definitely not a press event.

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