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Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund might get engaged soon

kirsten dunst garrett hedlund

Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund have been together for ages, now – since 2012, to be specific, which is ages in Hollywood years. Kirsten is a pretty traditional lady when it comes to relationships and she’s also keen to have a baby soon, so it makes sense that the couple are maybe thinking of marriage soon – or at least of getting engaged!

From US Weekly (by way of the Daily Mail):

A source recently told the publication, ‘The engagement is coming soon.’

‘They’re doing really well now and enjoying the holidays’, the source added, suggesting an extra special Christmas present for Kirsten is right around the corner.

According to the insider, Hedlund recently moved in with the Spider-Man star, which has ‘strengthened their relationship.’

Well, sure, good for them. Again, clearly Kirsten is in a place where she’s ready to settle down and commit and start a family and all of that and if Garrett is in the same place, sure, why not? Give it your best shot, kiddos. And pre-congratulations for whenever the big announcement comes.

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Kirsten Dunst is in “baby mode” these days

kirsten dunst

You don’t hear too much from Kirsten Dunst these days – she doesn’t seem to be popping up in too many movies and she generally keeps a low profile… which is probably for the best, considering some of the shit that comes out of her mouth when she does speak. Well, now she’s got a new interview out with Red magazine in which she discusses being in “baby mode” and how she’s actually in no hurry to do, well, anything.

“I’m in baby mode because two of my really good friends are pregnant right now. One of them is pretty chilled and the other’s like, ‘I can’t wait to have a glass of wine!’ I love it though. We’ve already picked her girl’s name, it’s done! I think 33 is a good age to have your first baby.”

“You don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 10 years. But I get asked that question a lot because I’m in my thirties and it’s like: time to get married and have babies, right? That’s the vibe. Well, I already have a mother to ask those questions, so nobody else needs to!”

For now, though, Kirsten and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund are just chillin’ like villains, apparently.

“I’m not as worried as I used to be. When I was younger, if I wasn’t working, I would get anxiety. I’d feel like I should be doing something. But now, I’m so good at chilling out. In my thirties I’ve become really good friends with relaxing.”

“I have a girlfriend who lives in London – one of the ones who’s pregnant – and we sit in bed all day, watching movies and ordering food in. Not everyone can do that. Some people are like, ‘I have to get outside, I have to do something.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m actually fine not doing anything.’ I lost that part of myself. I’m sure one day, if I have kids, the anxiety of life will come back again, because you’re worried about somebody else.”

Look, I’m all for maxing and relaxing. There’s nothing better than doing nothing, but it seems like she’s taking it to the next level. Like, a concerning level. One or two days a week of staying in bed and watching movies and shit is luxury, but if you’re doing it 5 or 6 days a week, I think that’s called clinical depression?

I guess it’s good she’s enjoying herself…

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Kirsten Dunst’s Boyfriend Is An Ass

kirsten dunst garrett hedlund coachella party

Kirsten Dunst is (allegedly) super heartbroken that her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, decided that after nearly two years he not only doesn’t want to marry her, but doesn’t see her as the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Guys, I really get the feeling that he was leading her on. And that’s why he sucks. Anyway, here’s some personal, invasive details from National Enquirer:

After nearly two years together, hunky Garrett, 28, suddenly told the “Spider-Man” cutie, 31, that he has “no interest in marriage or babies,” revealed an insider.

“Kirsten is putting on a brave front, but she’s absolutely devastated. The sad part is that she’s desperate to be a mom, and up until recently Garrett was on the same page. But Garrett wants to grow up a little bit first. He’s told Kirsten point-blank that he’s not even sure if she’s the girl that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.”

Bro, you’re 28, not 18. If you don’t wanna get married, fine, but if he actually said, “I want to grow up first” as an excuse, to anyone, that’s just bullshit. This hurts a lot because apparently, Kiki D totally thought they were getting married. That maybe they were even unofficially engaged!

(Says the source): Now, she feels like an idiot because she was telling anyone who’d listen that they were getting engaged and ready to start a family. She’s head over heels in love with Garrett, and this has totally blindsided her.”

It’s a dramatic turn, seeing how engagement rumors have long swirled around the couple. Reports first claimed that Garrett proposed on Kirsten’s 30th birthday in April 2012. And another round of rumors had the “Country Strong” heartthrob popping the question on New Year’s Eve. “After Kirsten’s 30th birthday, her mom Inez started telling her friends that a wedding was ‘imminent,’ ” said the source.

“For the better part of a year, her conversations with Kirsten were all about Garrett being a husband and a dad, her wedding dress and their honeymoon.”

But Garrett never proposed [...]

Okay, a few things. 1. I would effing kill my mother if she started telling everyone that my boyfriend and I were getting married if that wasn’t true 2. If he never actually proposed but Ms. Dunst carried on like he did, then that’s on her, yeah, but come on, there’s a reason she thought they were getting married, that shit doesn’t come from nowhere. So I still think the boyfriend is an ass.

And girl does NOT know how to pick them, as her musician ex-boyfriend, Johnny Borrell, “rode a motorcycle through the house they shared during a party” (SFGate.) All that reminds me of is Meatloaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so if dude was trying to look cool, he failed. And she broke up with him.

Well Look Who’re Still Having Sex!

photo of kirsten stewart and garrett hedlund pictures
Ha! I just noticed that the word “who’re” is basically just “whore” with an apostrophe cutting it in half, signifying a contraction. WHORE. Or if you want to go with phonetics, “WHO-er.”

Anyway, whores aside, because this post has absolutely nothing to do with Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian, Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst are still together, can you even believe it? We reported that these two were rumored to be dating back in January, back when I wasn’t privileged enough to really know who Garrett Hedlund really was, but guys, since I’ve seen Country Strong, I can tell you that I do and man am I envious of Kirsten Dunst. What a catch! Rumor has it, too, that these guys are engaged. The engagement was said to have gone down during a 30th Birthday celebration for Kirsten held at the Chateau Marmont earlier in the month:

“(He) asked her to marry him. She thought he was kidding because there was no engagement ring – but he told her one would be coming soon, and they kissed passionately for about a minute. Everyone applauded!”

Don’t get too excited, though—Garrett’s rep has come forward and negated the allegations (but it was probably because Garrett didn’t have a damn ring. What kind of celebrity proposes publicly without a ring? Not exactly well-thought-out, huh?):

“… a spokesperson for the TRON: Legacy hunk has dismissed the rumors, telling WENN, “(The report is) so not true.”

So, I don’t know. But they sure look happy together, don’t they? And what cute kids they’d have, too!

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund Are So Hot in Jalouse

photo of garrett hedlund and kristen stewart pics
You remember how Kristen Stewart’s doing that ‘On the Road‘ movie, right? Well, she sat down with the magazine to whom Megan Fox told its interviewers that she hated being pretty, but she sure as hell didn’t want to be ugly and … well, you know. All that business. But we’re not here to talk about stupid pregnant Megan Fox, we’re here to talk about Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, who is hot hot hot and yes, I missed that boat but now I’m on it, guys. I’m on it.

Here’s Kristen on her role in ‘On The Road’:

“We felt great love for our characters, and we wanted people to love them as much as we did.”

On shooting the sequences:

“We knew so many little details about the characters, their lives, that we had aid in playing the difficult scenes. They were with us.”

Kristen on her character, LuAnne Henderson:

“I could listen to hours of recordings as LuAnne Henderson speaks of this period, her voice lights up as she recounts how she danced.”

Kristen on shooting ‘On The Road’ the same time as ‘The Twilight Saga’:

“It was hard, I felt [as if] I was back at school.”

And then Garrett on his character in ‘On The Road’:

“I wish I could be as excited as these guys were. I would love to be like this every day.”

These two are just so hot. I could give a crap less about the contrived, half-assed interview, I’m just rapt by the pictures. SO HOT.

This is the Dude Kirsten Dunst is Dating These Days

photo of kirsten dunst and garrett hedlund pictures photos pics dating photo
You might recognize him, or at the very least, his name – Garrett Hedlund ring a bell, anyone? He was in Troy, Friday Night Lights, Tron, and also, that REAL crappy Gwyneth Paltrow movie that I was convinced that I’d almost see by accident, Country Strong.

Funny thing is, though, all this time I thought Garrett Hedlund was one of the guys in the Twilight movies, and it actually turns out he’s not. First, I thought he was Cam Gigandet, who played ‘James’ in the first film, and then I thought, no, maybe he played Riley Biers, the newborn vampire that starts a whole coven of newborn vampires in Eclipse, but after a very superficial investigation, I found out that ‘Riley’s’ name is actually Xavier Samuel, and that vampire appearance was really sort of the only thing he’s done in life.

Talk about being uninformed on my B-list actor homies. I should be ashamed of myself, but definitely not of Kirsten Dunst. I’m hearing that these two have actually been dating since October, and that’s something that she should be proud of and kind of shout from the mountaintops or something, you know? Don’t be so quick to hide it, girl!

OH HELLS YES! Total Hottie Garrett Hedlund Cast in Lead in Tron!!!!


Um, I’m a little upset with the Hollywood Reporter right now. They have an article today about how Garrett Hedlund landed the lead role in Tron, the $150 million Disney sequel to the 1982 cult classic by the same name. The title of the article is “Little known actor lands lead in “Tron” sequel.”


I am going to ignore the fact that “little-known” needs to be hyphenated there.

Instead, I am going to focus on the fact that Garrett Hedlund is very well known to me.

He is the star of the Lindsay Lohan row-boat blow-job scene in Georgia Rule, only one of the greatest cinematic moments of all time. I mentioned a looooong time ago that he was totally blow-able and that I wanted to see him in more stuff. Although I have to admit I don’t really like the new haircut he’s sporting. I liked him much better with the longer hair in Georgia Rule.

House hottie Olivia Wilde has also been cast in the film.

Stupid YouTube pulled all the embeddable clips of the the Lindsay Lohan row-boat blow-job scene because they BLOW A GIANT GOAT PENIS, but you can watch it here. If anyone knows of an embeddable version of this clip I would be forever indebted. Please?