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Yeah, I Don’t Know Why People Don’t Rag on Adele More, Either

photo of lady gaga pictures photos fat adele pic
The headline, of course, is referring to Lady Gaga‘s comments of early last week stating that she doesn’t know why she gets the flak that she does for being “heavy,” when Adele gets none. Because yeah, we should totally consider Lady Gaga’s feelings, because we all know how broken up she is about being such a f-cking heifer, you know?

I mean, honestly, it doesn’t even matter that she allegedly denied to perform with Madonna or that she supposedly donated a million bones to victims of Superstorm Sandy (I can’t believe the word “Superstorm” is even really a thing for now, but OK, I’ll play that game, alright?), we just need to continue comparing Lady Gaga to Adele, because that’s what’s supposed to happen.


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