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Lady Gaga Has New Hair!

A photo of Lady Gaga

I was going to do a “Love it or Leave It” post about Lady Gaga‘s new hair, but then I figured, what’s the point? It’s obviously adorable, and it obviously looks loads better than her Louis Vuitton brown bullshit. What’s not to love?

That picture that Sarah showed you earlier today, the one where Lady Gaga’s boobs were all smashed up in a bikini top, that was taken on Tuesday, and she still had brown hair. That photo above is one that Lady Gaga tweeted while celebrating the announcement of Obama’s re-election on Tuesday night. But here’s where it gets fishy: there’s another picture of her topless on a balcony that was taken yesterday, and she still has her gross old hair. Check it out:

[Image removed on request]

Does the adorable pink hair look like a wig? The gross brown could definitely be a wig, right? What would be the point of either of those things? Is Lady Gaga too dumb to realize how much better she looks with this lighter hair? WHERE IS THE TRUTH?!

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