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Hey, Here’s Kaley Cuoco in Lingerie (Sort Of)!

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I guess it’s lingerie. I don’t know. Because really, when I hear about hot chicks donning stuff for Esquire (which is the magazine that took these lovely photos of Kaley), much skimpier articles of clothing come to mind, rather than Kaley and her grandma negligee, her boy shorts, and midriff-exposing (!) top. But don’t get me wrong—I think it’s really refreshing to see a hot girl not having to take it all off to sell magazines. For sure. Which is why this is Mexico Esquire.

Anyway. Ahem. This is an excerpt from Kaley’s interview. With Mexico Esquire.

On “The Big Bang Theory:”
“This series is the dream job. I can make people laugh everyday, I enjoy recording and working with an impressive array [of people]. I feel like I won the lottery.”

On what foods she breaks the diet for:
“I break the diet for tacos, enchiladas, burritos or rice and beans … I love it.”

On what she considers sexy:
“I think being sexy is being yourself. I feel sexy even when I have no makeup or my hair is a mess. And I can be sexy in t-shirt and jeans, why not try to be anyone but myself. A lot of people find it hard to love, no one is perfect, and the mirror usually sees our flaws, but when you are as natural as possible, you are more sexy.”

OK. Anti-climatic for sure, but grounded nonetheless, right?

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  • I love how her torso is shopped to look about half the width as her shoulders. That being said, still don’t like her – not in 8 Simple Rules, not in Charmed, not in Big Bang. Oh well.

  • I wish she wasn’t trying so hard to be Friends-era Jennifer Aniston. Every time I watch the BBT all I can think about is how Penny wishes she were Rachel.

  • i can’t get into this girl at all. i wish her the best & certainly can’t hate on her, but i just don’t see the appeal. and yeah, when they attempt to sex her up, TOTALLY has the jen aniston vibe. just…::yawn::

  • com dont know what poeple are looking at she is one beautiful young lady she is funny smart and sexy she was great in 8 simple rules and charms and love her in bbt

  • where can i get a poster of her or one of those cardboard images she portrays my ideal girl/woman . she is the image of my ideal.

  • I love everything she does and
    Has done! Those of you who trash
    This classy, Beautiful creation by
    GOD have a mean,evil jealous
    Streak in you!

  • to all you nay sayers” get bent “you would know beauty if it landed in your lap. she certaintly qualifes as sexy .one of the ultimat girls next door

  • 8>O I think she looks…H-O-T-T-T-T-T !!! She’s a riot on the show, showing-up the NERDS !!! I hope to see MORE of her, in the future !!!

  • Last night at the spike awards show, Jennifer Annisten came out looking sexy, but then again she seemed to be
    trying too hard. Shes cute, but Kaley in my opinion is
    more naturally beautiful. that’s both in makeup and as she
    says her natural thing is the best. Her body of work on
    BBT is much better than Jen’s good job on Friends.

  • Leave Kaley alone. She is a beautiful young lady, and I see no reason for the media to start pounding on her. These pictures are not nudity, suggestive yes, but certainly nothing distasteful. Just leave her alone and let her develop her career on her own time.

  • She has great tits but if she’s tryin to look sexy seductive I don’t get it? There is one picture out of the bunch that she looks good in (the one where she’s drinking something threw a straw) that hot the rest bored and annoyed that she’s there.

  • I am 83 years old my dad was in early show business ,I know a lot about people kaley is beautiful sexy and very very smart , the people out there that have bad things to say about kaley are just plain lets use the a very big j word , just ask anyone of them they would trade places with kaley in a milli second, just remember kaley laughs all the way to the bank, people who put down kaley are just so unhappy with themselves that they have to say things about others to save face, as I said kaley is beautiful sexy and very smart and new and bright good for you go girl there isn’t one of you bad mouth people that wouldn’t trade places with kaley

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