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Oh, And Here’s Chris Brown’s Halloween Costume

A photo of Chris Brown

As you can see, Chris Brown went for a group costume this year. That’s him in the middle, the one with the big gun.

I have no words here, so I’ll just let you guys fill this one in, all right?

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  • That is majorly fucked up. Wouldn’t it have been hilarious (and serve them right) if they had all been mistaken for real terrorists and hauled off to jail?

    SO out of touch, like horrible despots who think they can get away with anything…

    Remember the time Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi for a costume party? Although Harry is a hellava much nicer dude.

  • I’m going to be *that guy* for a second, I think he’s the one on the far right. It’s hard to miss those chompers and the guy in the middle looks pretty white to my eyes (under that foolish beard)

  • I don’t really see the problem. People offend me when they dress up as Rasta’s or as nun’s.

    Hell, even Prince Harry dressed up as a nazi. But now that I think of it, why haven’t I ever had a little Hasidic Jew at my door trick or treating??? Hmmmmm.

  • He really is a smelly pile of horse mulch. In fact he is steamin’ …..I NEVER forgive men who smack women around…it is simply unacceptable at all levels….no exceptions. I am not Mister Chivalry…’s not that at all….because I will only hold the door for a girl who says thanks….but when it comes to smacking girls and women around…there is nothing but pure creep factor for any man that does it. A real man walks away if or when a girl gets tweaked…..and if he started it and she whacks the back of the top of his head while he is walking away…oh well…he deserved it.

  • it sucks cause i effin love his music. i love all his albums. but he comes across as such a friggin idiot.

    its somehwat similar to my relationship with michal jackson and his music. i loved mj’s music, but i couldn’t listen to it without thinkin gabout him giving children wine (jesus juice) and putting his finger in their kiddie buttholes and then sucking the child poop off his fingers while he beat his little scrawny vitiilago infected penis