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Charlie Sheen Is Back on Crack

A photo of Charlie Sheen

From Radar:

Hard-partying Charlie Sheen is back to his old ways, snorting cocaine and smoking crack on a daily basis, is exclusively reporting.

An inside look at Charlie’s daily life from a close source who spent nearly every day with the Anger Management star reveals a lifestyle riddled with drugs, alcohol and high-end escorts.

“For at least the last eight months or so Charlie has been having a quarter to half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him every single day and was spending nearly $2,000 a day on drugs. Sometimes he’d even get two to three quarters of cocaine in one day,” the insider exclusively told “He snorts it, he smokes it, and then he watches porn. And when he’s not watching porn, he’s hired high-end girls to come over.”

According to the source, Charlie fancies one girl in particular and sometimes pays her a whopping $25,000 per night to be with him — and that’s not all.

“This one girl that Charlie really likes had insecurities about her vagina so she begged Charlie to get her a vaginal rejuvenation surgery to make it prettier,” the source said. “And he did. He got her the surgery, and he also bought her a new car.”

Charlie keeps a close group of people around him when he’s partying, and the source says he favors cooking the cocaine to make crack so he can smoke it.

“When Charlie gets his coke he immediately cooks it with baking soda in his bathroom to make crack,” the source said. “Then he smokes it out of a makeshift pipe that he made out of a Fiji water bottle! He’d get so high he was just absolutely out of his mind, mumbling incoherently and tweaking. Then he would just space out, not talk to anyone, and watch porn.”

The source says Charlie also throws around money like it grows on trees, just because he can.

“Sometimes he’d give his friends that party with him a grand or two just because he thought they were cool,” the insider revealed. “And he always offered to share his drugs. He just wanted everyone to join in the party. There were always a bunch of young girls and random guys around.”

And so it begins. I don’t know if anything can ever compare to the infamous Charlie Sheen bender from 2010 to 2011, but we definitely haven’t heard the last word from Charlie and his crack pipe. I mean, he’s giving out vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. It’s going to get real.

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  • Just a side note, you can’t smoke crack out of a plastic Fiji water bottle. You would be smoking plastic and eventually it would all just melt away. Just sayin’.

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