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Look No Further, Mass-Produced Tiger Blood is Here

We knew someone was going to capitalize on this whole “I’m Charlie Sheen, I drink Tiger Blood” thing sooner or later, and we (per usual) were totally right.

A company called Harcos is now offering “Tiger Blood” in packaging that’s meant to look like an IV drip, but is really just like, a bootleg Capri-Sun with a screw top.

From the Harcos website:

We have decided to do a limited edition of one of our products, converting it into Bi-Winning Tiger Blood.

It’s made from 100% passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that’s not from this particular terrestrial realm. Tiger Blood allows you to use household items, you’re welcome to take more drugs than anyone can survive. Be different, have a different brain, and a different heart. When you feel Tiger Blood in your veins, you’ll realize dying’s for fools and that can’t is the cancer of happen. Period. The end.

Note: This product does not do any of the above, and we don’t know what banging 7 gram rocks means. It is, however, a delicious fruit punch flavored energy shot packing 80mg of caffeine. WINNING.

Also: Don’t do drugs. Seriously. Don’t. Do. Drugs.

Also x2: If you order a 12 pack, you get FREE SHIPPING!

Don’t you love how this company pretends to care about whether or not their customers are blowing fat rails, but still is profiting off the popularity of a woman-abusing madman?

I definitely won’t be trying Tiger Blood, if only because I learned my lesson last time there was a beverage craze (4Loko, I hate you,) but I’m sure some of you loons will be into this. Make sure to let me know if you get your hands on this stuff and let me know what you think.

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