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Hot or Not: Ashley Greene

photo of ashley greene gq pictures 2012 pic
I ask the question, friends, because sometimes I’m honestly on the fence about this girl. Sometimes I’m just not sure whether she’s hot, cute, average, alright, or flat-out funk. So I’m going to leave these photos here and allow you to decide, because generally, I trust the opinion of Evil Beet consensus.

This photo, for example:

photo of ashley greene pictures nudes pic boobs
We’ve all seen this girl’s tits, so we know that the bra is false advertising. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that, but it’s creating an image that just doesn’t exist, and that might be strike one against the lovely Ashley. Also, the photo in question makes us wonder if Ashley Greene’s as heavy-lidded in the eyes as she appears, and I wonder if that’s at all hot. She’s got an unquestionably cute little tummy, and her legs are nice enough, but is it enough-enough to render her as hot as some people say? Well. We’ll see.

Last, take this photo into consideration before you make your decision. It’s of Ashley in that arched-back position, her hair flowing back from her head and her lips slightly parted in SEDUCTION:

photo of ashley greene qg hot pictures
Final review—Ashley Green: hot or not?


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  • I remember having quite a girl crush on her when twilight when it first came around. As in at one point whenever one of my friends would tell me about an alleged hot girl they’d met, I’d simply say “hot Cullen sister hot or normal hot?”.

    And even though I later realized it was all make up and she looks absolutely nothing like her character, I still click on links to stories about her. So in conclusion, she’s not hot nor cute. It’s all just wishful thinking.

    • i’ve always thought that too! they try so hard, making this one big, or A list, but i just don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • she is extremely hot you idiots how can you be so stupid it has just been two ok pictures of her not looking her best!!!