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Who’d You Rather: Nikki Reed or Ashley Greene?

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Now, you don’t need to be a Twilight fan to appreciate the attractiveness that these two women exude. … Wait, what’s that, you didn’t know they were part of the Twilight franchise? You didn’t know there was anyone aside from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner? Well then. Surprise!

Here’s a little background information on both of them (not that it’ll really factor in to “who’d you rather,” but whatever):

Nikki Reed‘s the one who married a creepy American Idol alum after dating for, like, three weeks or something
Ashley Greene‘s the one who had the nude photo scandal* a few years ago that no one cared about
– Nikki Reed recently said that “not everyone on the set of the movies are friends,” so that means everyone probably hates her
– Ashley Greene thinks she’s comparable in looks and acting ability to Angelina Jolie

So … Who’d you rather?


*Not that it should, you know, sway your decision in any way, because we *don’t* have photos of a naked Nikki Reed, but here’s those NSFW Ashley Greene nudes, after the jump, if you’ve never seen them before.

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  • well they were, she has two round balls of silicate in there now – tho those don’t look…i’m losing the ability to tell real tits from fake. i’m officially a dickhead.

  • Hm. Well, I can’t agree with jack on Kristen. I always want to had her a sammich and a nice cup of chocolate so she could go get in her jimmy-jams and go beddy-bye.

    She always looks cold, tired, and hungry.

    Out of those two (and I’ve never seen a twilight movie and probably never will. Nor will I read the books. They suck absque lectum.) probably ashley greene. She looks like she’d be better in bed.

    Nikki looks boring and with issues. I had no idea which one was which and had to look them up. Maybe a (on the left) would’a helped.