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Jared Leto is All Political These Days, Too

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And why not? When you’re the alleged lover of Scarlett Johansson, you have to be, since she’s apparently the second coming of Sean Penn or whatever when it comes to being a political and social activist.

Here’s what Jared’s been saying on his Twitter account lately, and it’s mostly all politics-related:

“Please vote Obama so Romney doesn’t make us all go to Sunday school.”

“Dear Mitt. Running a country isn’t the same as running a business.”

“Anyone else starting to think Romney may be the antichrist?”

To note your concerns, Jared, I’ll address each of your Tweets one by one.

1—Now come on. That’s just silly. *I’m* voting for Obama for a variety of reasons, but I also affiliate myself with a religious group. Just because I, as a “religious” person, think that Mitt Romney’s full of crap, as is his demented take on religion and its place in government, doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with Sunday School, OK, boy?

2—What the hell are you talking about? For the past three decades, this country has been run as if it were a business. It’s gotten us this far, hasn’t it*?

3—Yes. Yes, it’s a definite possibility. Let’s shave his head and look for the 666. Oh. Wait. According to some radical, Republican conservatives, Obama’s got that one on lockdown. All that’s missing is the horns, which I hear he has to have filed down every three weeks or so.

Ah, won’t it be nice when all of this election business is over with? SOON.

*Please note the sarcasm there. It doesn’t always translate very well.

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  • “Please vote Obama so Romney doesn’t make us all go to Sunday school”
    He is obviously exaggerating his points. But “this” anyway. I wish all politicians were atheists. Someones religion should not be a selling point for a president.

  • Amen. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Religion should have LITERALLY nothing to do with politics, yet these crazy republicans base their entire campaign on which invisible man in the sky they believe in. I LOVE that you don’t hear Obama talk about religion – Obama 2012!

    • The reason Obama doesn’t talk about his religion is because he was a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for over 20 years in Chicago. Obama disavowed Rev. Wright once questions were raised about Rev. Wrights moronic, racist sermons. Of course, this was after they were OK with this garbage for 20 years until a spotlight was shining on him.

      There’s a reason Obama keeps quiet about it – he doesn’t want to stir up crap again cause it reflects poorly on him and his wife.

  • Yeah, like I’m really going to take advice on how to vote from a 40-year-old douchebag actor still going for the hipster look. (Shave that goddamned beard off, for chrissake!) How is it Obama supporters fail to see the light on this guy? Right now the country is $16 trillion in debt, with $6 trillion of this getting tacked on just since 2009 when he took office. Guantanamo Bay is still open. We’re still in Afghanistan. He chose to bail out huge companies like AIG and GM, but did nothing for the thousands of small business owners across the country who are also suffering the effects of the economy. Instead, he wants to punish them with a heavier tax burden if their income is more than $250K. Unemployment is over 7%, with that rate more than doubled for people under 25. He has imposed an unconstitutional healthcare program upon the American public where individuals are FORCED to purchase a product from the government, repeat, FORCED to purchase it. I’m not sure whether or not I’m voting for Romney, but I’m sure as hell not voting for the current train wreck that’s holding this office. He is completely unqualified for the position.

  • I liked what Bill Maher (who I usually despise) said recently:”If Mitt Romney becomes president, he may wish he could discuss serious issures with reasonable, intelligent and informed people, but somehow he doesn’t understand that he’s going to wind up with snake-handlers and and conspiracy theorists.” That wasn’t a verbatim quote, but it was close. Me? I’m voting for Obama…again…and he’s still black.

  • I think believing in politics disqualifies one from being considered intelligent, aware or smart. It’s like believing in Santa. All I want to say is that “they” don’t really care about us.

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