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This is Stupid Taylor Swift’s Stupid New Video for “Begin Again”

photo of taylor swift picture see-through photos pic
So, OK. She’s pretty. She’s got an alright voice. I like her clothes often times. But her stupid boy-obsession? Her stupid, pursed joker lips that you can just *TELL* she practices in the mirror so that when she speaks, her lips don’t break form? I can’t even deal with it. I want to seriously grab this girl by the shoulders and say, “Hey, silly twenty-two year-old girl who can’t keep her mouth shut about her experiences. YOU’RE NOT DOING YOURSELF ANY FAVORS.” And I’d do it with love, because while I don’t like Taylor Swift one iota, I don’t think she’s an evil, manipulative person: no, I think she’s naive, and she’s clingy, and a lot of that probably stems from, I don’t know, maybe not having many friends when she was younger. Or not having a whole lot of positive social experiences as a teen. I don’t know. I don’t hate the girl, I pity her. And I feel strongly about it, too, in case you didn’t know that.

And to all those out there who say, “Oh, well Taylor Swift is such a good example for today’s young girls, and it’s better that they’re trying to emulate Taylor Swift rather than someone like Rihanna,” to them I say, “You’re half-right—I’d rather be a simpering idiot who only defines myself through every random boyfriend, only to find out I have no real personal identity whatsoever when all I have left is myself than to be a simpering idiot who only defines myself through a boyfriend that’s allowed to punch said me in the face and be OK with it,” but really, what kind of choices are those? Come on.

GRR THIS VIDEO. Here it is, I guess.

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  • Taylor, taylor, taylor…bla, bla bla. I’m tired of Taylor Swift news. She’s pretty and all (with her clothes on – not attractive in a swim suit which was a bit surprising…too tall and thin again in the skewed subjective view of famous attractive people) but if I hear that “We are never ever fucking ever” song one more fucking time, I’m going to … I don’t know what I’ll do but it won’t be good. That and Adele’s “Rolling the deep”.

  • Ok, shes cute, but thats about it…. Did you notice the crazy ass pose in that pic? Something else…. The girl is devoid of passion. I bet she’s the worlds most frigid, lifeless lay. I can see her in standard missionary thinking…. Peach, I think I’ll paint the ceiling peach….

      • Hey Nikki, :)
        remember how you said you saw my nickname being used other places? Well it turns out it was stolen by a psycho troll who uses it places that I never go, so she can have a longer conversation with the voices in her head.
        She’s the only one who has rabies about LeAnn Rimes, and she’s the only one who has ever spoken to me about LeAnn Rimes.
        She must have gotten sad that no one cared, because she told me about it herself. *eyeroll* Still don’t care.
        I only come here and two other places and my friends know that.
        But she must be pretty fucked in the head to need multiple nicknames to converse with.

      • no way!! my friend, that is too weird. yeah, at least your real pals know what you’re all about. ;) it’s true, i always enjoy your point of view here on ze beet.

  • Somebody get this young woman a cheeseburger ASAP, and please recommend to her to stay out of Chicago as a good wind will no doubt blow her into Indiana.

  • i dont seem to understand the complaints about how she sings of past relationships. isnt that what singers do? you either sing a song about your past/present/future experiences, someone elses, or of a made up story.

    • Please….she’s 22 yrs old going on 14. Shes vapid, banal, and constantly in a state of “puppy love.” Music filled with “teen-girl” angst is hilarious, doubly so from someone with such a sheltered past.

      • to me, that sounds just like every other music “artist” her age. its like everyone forgot what mainstream music is like lol why is she particularly targeted, is she doing something different than others? maybe i dont understand because i dont listen to her music unless i catch something on the radio.

      • That’s pure BULLSHIT….. I suggest you listen to Janice Joplin, Rickie Lee Jones, Odetta, Joni Mitchell…. Just to name a few.Hell,even Joan Baez was better, but I wont include her in the list cause she’s an uber-bitch to the nth degree and grew up every bit as privileged as our young Ms. Swift. Tons of women who started early and contributed more to music than Swift ever will…..

  • I will just come out and say it…I like the song and Taylor is one of my guilty pleasures.

    Then she does look scary in the video, she looks much more ahm teethy? and much much skinnier.

    I would also throw her a burger…and I would probably try a nail file on those teeth of hers!

  • I watched the video too. And I gotta say: Enough with the red lipstick. And I wish she would dye her hair. A golden blonde would be really pretty on her, not this grey grandma blonde.

  • She looks so skinny in that photo above but in her bathing suit her hips look really wide and square! Maybe it’s the style of the bathing suit!