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Oh So What Should Courtney Stodden Be for Halloween, Guys?

photo of courtney stodden halloween costume pictures
Tough question, considering it’s going to be pretty hard to beat last year’s pumpkin patch debauchery in trashy country-western attire. What? That wasn’t even Courtney’s Halloween costume? This was? Oh. Well. I guess that’ll teach me a lesson for making assumptions about Courtney Stodden and the word “trashy.”

On a serious note, though, it’s finally happened—Courtney Stodden, at the ripe old age of eighteen, has dead eyes. Don’t believe me? Think that girlfriend is just as happy with her life as she lets on? Then take a good, hard look at this picture, because the deadness is all-consuming:

photo of courtney stodden dead eye pictures
Can’t someone do something about this already? And by “this,” I mean, help her pick out a Halloween costume? Because there’s nothing that can be done about those dead, dead eyes of hers—the damage has been done, DOUG HUTCHISON.

Images courtesy of Celebuzz

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    • Now, I know we shan’t judge a book by it’s cover, however how did no one know something was up with that Saville?? And you know what, considering he did work with corpses too, I for one believe absolutely in the necrophilia rumors too.

      what a vile, vile being. I am happy the pendulum is going the other way now, with the non-acceptance of such perversions.

      • Like with Sandusky, I guess… They prey on the weakest children, know what I mean? They are not going to approach a child who may blow their cover; they find children who are too scared, or weak, or come from a difficult background and won’t be believed or won’t say anything. I guess it’s better late than never but I wish this had come out before Saville had died. What a scumbag.

    • Agree!! Is she only allowed to wear one pair for a length of time and then move on to newer shoes??!!

      First we had the lucite stripper slides and now we have the fugly patent stripper booties….

  • I wouldn’t have known it was her until the pic with dirty daddy Doug! I don’t think anybody doubts now that this little ‘ho has had plastic surgery. P.S.#1 She does look like Lady GaGa. P.S.#2 If I was Jerry Jones (owner of Dallas Cowboys), I’d sue.

  • she looks like a whore as usual, but i can’t tell if she’s had plastic surgery or has just gotten better hair/makeup. i’m sure that’s a wig, but her eyebrows aren’t that harsh black like they used to be and she has on minimal eye makeup instead of caked on black. it makes a big difference.

    • I agree with you that it makes a big difference. I really don’t think that she’s had plastic surgery. She’s just laying off the spray tanner a bit and going a lot lighter with the makeup, as well. Could be a wig, I suppose, but I’m willing to bet it’s extensions and a bottle of bleach.
      Just like with her chest…it’s all fake, but I don’t think she has implants either.

  • I swear she is going for Shayne Lamas-Ritchi’s look. Notice the lipstick, the hair color (and roots) and the eye make-up.

  • She is officially dead-eyed….like Megan Fox, Pamela Anderson, and almost every pin-up girl. Congrats, Courtney! You’ve “arrived” to the “soul-less and possessed” stage.

  • What, why did mom allow this child predator/ chicken hawk to get his dirty hands on her 16 year daughter? whatis wrong with mom even his mother and family disowned him for this, his brother and mother….they knew he is commiting act of molestion of a child. This young woman is very sick, I wonder what happened to her.