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Report: Courtney Stodden Also Has Not Had Any Facial Surgeries

photo of courtney stodden plastic surgery pictures
Nope, because a board-certified plastic surgeon said so. Just like that time when Courtney was on some talk show and the ultrasound tech said that Courtney absolutely never had breast implants even though she had some kind of unacknowledged mass in both of her boobs (gosh, wonder if girlfriend ever got that checked out? Breast cancer is a lot more prevalent than some people think, you know?). Nope, Courtney’s a thousand percent natural, and it’s merely by the grace of God that girlfriend looks as angelic and beautiful and perfectly flawless as Courtney does. Just go ahead and recognize that for a minute while I go and get a cup of coffee, OK?

Meanwhile, here’s a few photos of Courtney having her face felt up in a doctor’s office, for your enjoyment, and of course, for child molester Doug‘s. Because he’s definitely, definitely enjoying it. Freak.

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