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4Is Demi Moore About to Relapse?

photo of demi moore thin sick pictures
Uh, sources say ‘yes’.

From Radar Online via People:

“Her friends aren’t convinced she’s all better,” multiple sources close to Demi told People magazine.

Demi’s figure has been consistently wasting away leaving her frail, and leaving her friends with red flags that the nearly 50-year-old is still struggling with the loss of her relationship with Ashton.

In August Demi attended an 80s-themed birthday party for friend and fellow actress Soleil Moon Frye in which one partygoer described her as “guilt, a little more subdued that she’s been in the past.”

The magazine also reveals that Demi wasn’t the only one surprised by Ashton’s quick hookup with Mila — the actor’s friends were equally as shocked.

“I would have never believed Ashton could get serious this fast,” a friend close to Ashton said.

“He was so happy to get out from under the stagnant relationship with Demi that he was overeager to play around and have fun. But it didn’t take long to bring him home again.”

So, apparently Demi‘s going out to birthday shindigs “guilt,” whatever the f-ck that means, ahd she, herself, is about to turn the big 5-0 (and holy crap, can you believe this woman’s fifty years old? … Me either) alone, sad, and without a young whippersnapping penis by her side. I mean, yeah, I could think of a bunch of way more awful things to be at fifty years old, but “dumped by a thirtysomething man-child” isn’t really at the top of that list.

Come on, Demi—snap the f-ck out of this shit. You’re talented, attractive, and you’ve got a lot going for yourself. Don’t spend the rest of your time on this earth lamenting something that someone else didn’t take as seriously as you yourself did, OK? It’s just not worth it.

October 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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4 Responses to “Is Demi Moore About to Relapse?”

  1. pufinstuf says:

    The title should be “Is Demi Moore About To Disappear?” from the look of her.

  2. Ellie66 says:

    Damn she looks like crap! Get over it!! Eat something and get your ass ( or what’s left of it) up and live the wonderful life you have been blessed with! He is a douchebag he is so not worth it!

  3. Jacq says:

    Soleil Moon Frye’s husband was Ashton’s partner on Punk’d. So, was she going hoping to run into him? No one would be dumb enough to invite both of these two to the same party, right? Did Demi get Soleil & her husband in the “divorce?”

  4. Anne says:

    Are we supposed to overlook the weird black “shadow” along the back of Demi in this photo? Nothing else in the picture has a shadow and if you imagine the black as the color of her dress, she doesn’t look so frail. I definitely call photoshop on this one!

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