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Jennifer Aniston Cries Over Being Engaged

And she did it for Chelsea Handler, which is appropriate, since Chels and Jen-girl are BFFs and Jennifer knew that Chelsea wouldn’t want to bitch-slap her like most other interviewers would. And, you know, audience members. Or whatever.

There’s not really much else to this video aside from the fact that Jennifer was overcome with tears when Chelsea brought up her new-ish engagement, and a phenomenal use of the word “verklempt,” which means, if you were unaware, “choked with emotion.”

Don’t know about you guys, but I’d like to choke something else.

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  • Verklemmt actually means uptight. Verklemmte people tend to have a stick up their behind. Why doesn’t this person just get married and disappear from the face of this earth?

    • Yes, I believe the German ‘verklemmt’ means uptight, but I’m assuming that Jennifer’s trying to use the Yiddish phrase, ‘verklempt’, which means overcome. Because she is terribly overcome with all of the emotions known to man, all at once, all the time, right? ;)

  • Aaaah, ok. I wasn’t familiar with the Yiddish phrase. However: That woman is aweful, she practically REEKS of desperateness and I am pretty certain that she is a control-freak. Potential successors: Katy Perry and Jessica Biel.

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