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Octomom Had A Super Sweet Weekend

A photo of Nadya Suleman

You see that picture? You see what Octomom is doing up there? She’s pretending to breastfeed a couple of baby dolls. Because that’s what Octomom did on Friday night: she went to a drag show in New York, popped out her titties, and breastfed baby dolls.

She also let the baby dolls get a few sips of vodka before she started her main event: a clip from her porno flick.

But hey, here’s another photo of that breastfeeding:

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Where is this woman’s Mother of the Year award? Presented for her mothering of the baby dolls, of course, not her actual children.

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  • We here in California, have Octomom, who breast feeds plastic dolls and now Lindsay Lohan is back. Could someone give us a break.

  • Damn she is just getting scummier she is gonna be doing full blown (pardon the pun) porn any minute now! Yuk!

  • Everu time I see a picture of the Octo-Mom, a little voice inside me keeps saying “Shoot her in the head! Shoot her in the head!” Does this make me a bad person?