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This is Definitely the Best Britney’s Looked in Years

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Yup. For certain, this is most definitely the best that Britney‘s looked in a really, really long time. Maybe there is something to that Britney-Justin reconciliation, huh?

This is what girlfriend wore to a recent salute to Whitney Houston that was held at the Nokia theater in Los Angeles, and her eyes, guys—her eyes are practically … normal. I think that speaks volumes, you know?

Someone also in attendance at the tribute? Jennifer Hudson. And if I’m not allowing the recent, alleged tiff between her and Jessica Simpson to color my opinion of her, then I can say this is what she wore and how I pretty much hate it:

photo of jennifer hudson pictures
You know that there’s something wrong when Britney Spears Post-2002 is outshining you. Get a better stylist, Jen. Or maybe just better clothes. Criminy.

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  • Britney looks like she can’t even breathe in that dress. Maybe she should learn what size she is. It’s so tight that it’s squishing her tits down. That must be uncomfortable.

  • Britney looks great! And yeah, it looks like Jennifer is just channeling Whitney. I don’t particularly care for it…but nice try, I guess?

  • The dress does not fit properly. Too tight in the hips, and bulging in the abdomen and stomach area. One boob is hanging lower than the other one. Sleeves so tight that they pucker. One eye is bigger than the other, and she is so uptight that her hands are clenched. Does the dress even cover her naughty bits when she sits down? Poor baby should be home baking biscuits and being a mom, but she’s got to be earning money to pay support to Kevin. Sad! Sad! Sad!

  • Britbrit looks great — buuuut that dress is way too tight on her boobs! As someone who loves vintage dresses, I know that heartbreaking fact all too well. Fit everywhere but the boobs is the saddest!

    Also, Jennifer is totally having fun dressing just like Whitney, but since it wasn’t a costume party, that seems a little off.