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So Who’s the Chick With Robert Pattinson, Huh?

photo of robert pattinson pictures girl pic
So these photos are allegedly of Robert Pattinson macking on a girl that’s not Kristen Stewart. But honestly? Let’s get down to brass tacks here.

To me, it looks like Kristen Stewart. The photo agency said it was a “mystery blonde girl,” but as their photos are grainy as all get out, I’m not going to put much stock in their eyesight, either. Here’s a second photo, and if you really squint, it looks like the silhouette of Kristen Stewart:

photo of kristen and rob pictures
Right? Am I right on this one? And honestly speaking, what would be the bigger story to run? That Rob was hitting on some blonde hottie in a club, or that Rob and Kristen were photographed in a candid setting for the first time since the affair broke? My head’s spinning, guys.

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  • To me it kind of looks like he’s not talking to the blonde in the second picture and that there might be another person behind the blonde leaning in to talk in Rob’s ear but who the heck knows…those pics are grainy as hell. If I was uber cool, I’d have said “hella grainy”, right? That’s how the cool kids talk these days ;-)

    Even if Rob did cheat, I wouldn’t blame him. I mean, cheating is wrong. Let’s get that politically correct statement out of the way so the Internet will not flame me but…but…but Kristen is such a biotch that I think RPatz gets a freebie. Thoughts?

  • There’s no way its Kristen. Maybe he finally realized he can do much better. Perhaps someone who knows how to take a shower?

  • OMG! How stupid is everyone! Look at the second pic and see a guy behind her with his arm around her front waist! There is nothing romantic going on with Rob and her! Just more crap coming out trying to cause upset for everyone.

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