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LeAnn Rimes Has a “Massive Infection,” Cancels Show

photo of leann rimes pictures post-rehab pic
Guys, I have to say—aside from that scary-skinny thing that she had going on over the last year (at which point, she’s still not out of the woods, to be honest)—this is probably the worst that LeAnn‘s looked since she married that asshat, Eddie Cibrian. It’s amazing how someone can so totally and wholly help ruin your entire outlook on life.

What’s LeAnn been up to lately, you wonder, though? Well, she cancelled a circuit of tours last night, citing a “massive infection.” Yes, apparently LeAnn’s dental woes (?) are ongoing, though she reported them to be over prior to checking herself into rehab. About her massive infection, LeAnn said:

“I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat. Not a good feeling when I am getting on a plane. For all my fans at Wendover last night, the show will be rescheduled, not a cancelled show. Worst way ever to kick off a tour… under anaesthesia and a massive infection. Well, onward and upward. It can only get better from here!!!”

Don’t know, guys. Am I buying this? I can’t be sure yet. Yeah, she’s had the dental things for so long, but can she still carry canceling a show on the backs of dental problems? It might just be another tired-ass excuse, covering up for the fact that LeAnn’s just not up to doing this anymore. And if she decided to quit music altogether? Boy, can you imagine how Eddie’d react? He’d leave her in a heartbeat, which is probably why she’s been hanging onto this sinking ship she calls a career for as long as she’s been (and as long as she can). What a mess, guys. Honestly speaking, I can only muster up pity for this poor woman lately, and nothing else.

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  • I play death metal and I played a show with a tooth in soooo much pain that THE NEXT DAY I had a root canal that was infected. That’s non-stop head banging for a full 40 minute set. She can suck it up. Take same pain killers, do your set, then get it taken care of. DO NOT screw the people who paid to see you.

  • Thank you. All of Leann’s paid mouthpieces are going on and on about how gorgeous, sexy, pretty, and healthy Leann looks! How can anyone look at these photos and see sexy? She looks like a teenage boy. She looks like she has been crying. One of her paid mouthpieces said that Eddie didn’t attend the show with her, so it explains why she looks so depressed and likes she would rather be somewhere else. I do agree that she is only “working” because she has to keep Eddie and his mistresses in their lavish lifestyle.

    She is lying about the dental work. She was tweeting and blogging immediately after she claims to have been under heavy anesthesia and couldn’t remember her name. She didn’t have any problems with these massive infections and her teeth when she was in “rehab”. Why is that? Didn’t she just come from “rehab”, so if she was having problems with her teeth, wouldn’t they have noticed it then and done something about it then? Either this “massive infection” is just another ploy for sympathy(and it worked because everyone is too afraid of being sued by her lawyer to call her out on this) or she cancelled because her husband was caught with another woman.

    Leann doesn’t have dental problems she just has a whole bunch of yes people and enablers(The Dailymail, People magazine, Celebuzz, and her lawyer) who faciliate her lies. This is why no one has pity her on, especially when she is singing songs about how she slept with Eddie when he was married to Brandi and then bragged about allowing Brandi’s kids to listen to those songs.

    I hope that she doesn’t set up a staged photo-op today to fix the fact that Eddie wasn’t at the concert with her.

  • Why does Leann have so many problems with her mouth? We have never ever heard of any singer having “massive infections” like this or if they did, they never made it as public as Leann does. From Abscesses to several massive infections? Why would she allow the infection to get that bad when she has the money to pay for it, recently left “rehab” so the problem could have been fixed then, and of course is always talking about how she focuses on herself and keeping herself healthy? If she had that much of a “massive infection” why are we always seeing Eddie kissing her? Well know we know why Eddie always has to be drunk just to touch or kiss Leann!

  • I’ll bet its not her mouth that’s giving her problems. She’s got the BLUE WAFFLE SYNDROME!!!

  • This woman is so messed up. She has more fake illnesses than anyone I’ve ever heard of. It’s an insult to those to suffer with REAL illnesses and infections. I have no doubt that her mouth is as nasty as a dirty toilet. But that’s not why she keeps canceling shows. She can’t leave her cheating husband, she doesn’t want to do this sinking ship she calls a career anymore, she has TOO MANY PEOPLE supporting her lies. This chick needs help!

  • Does anyone REAALY care about Leanne Rimes anymore???? So three fans can’t see her perform.. Im sick of seeing stories about her. She may as well be Ocomom as far as I am concerned.

  • Lol at Queasy!!

    Her face looks JACKED. I can’t put my finger on exactly what, but something is different.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious by the look of the veins in her arms, where her “massive infection” is coming from. Self induced!

    • I’ll tell you what it is. She looks like an albino chimpanzee in the face, and the thinner she gets, the more pronounced the resemblance becomes.

  • The famewhore that is Leann Rimes just doesn’t stop does she? She is so desperate for attention. She posted a blog to her fansite about how she was in the ER at 3 am today, so come Monday the media is saturated with stories about her and how she has been suffering from mouth problems from 10 months (which only presents when Eddie won’t go on tour with her and resolved the entire month of August when she was partying and parading around in bikinis ). She also had The Dailymail write another fluffpiece about how she triumphed over rehab, a massive infection, and a spat with Brandi! Leann is forever the victim and then her lawyer doesn’t understand why people call his client crazy and delusional.

    I’m not surprised that she is desperately milking the infection thing. Another celeb got married and she knows that if she does’t act soon that she will be an afterthought. Fluffpiece from People magazine in 3, 2, 1. Why do her fans bother to pay for that website when she is just going to give the photos and the blogs that she posts to People magazine?

    Did you know that Eddie’s best friend is a ER doctor? That puts a new perspective on her “rehab” story, doesn’t it? She duped the media and Eddie’s BFF was in on it! She wasn’t in rehab. She was at a spa and Eddie’s friend who is a ER doctor was checking in on her!

  • Leann’s marriage is over. Eddie was spotted without his ring on Monday and since then Leann Rimes has been doing some mad damage control. She, I mean “Eddie’s rep”, told Eonline and ROL that Eddie was boxing and that was why he didn’t have his ring on, yet there are tons of photos of Eddie walking out of a gym with jewelry on. She tweeted that her marriage to Eddie was “heaven” just like Ricky and Lucy(Of all HW couples to compare her life to, why that one because Desi cheated on Lucy their entire marriage and he was a drunk.). She papped herself out buying pumpkins and then tweeted a photo of the that same pumpkin with stickers on it that said “The Cibrian Family”. Released a story to people magazine on how she had a great dinner date with Eddie and “her boys” on Saturday where she talked the night away with Eddie and drunk alcohol(yeap the day after her so called massive tooth infection!),

    Eddie didn’t have his ring on because he was cheating and trolling for women. If Eddie not wearing his ring on Monday was nothing to be worried or concerned about, why is Leann doing so much mad damage control? I wish the media would just stop sugarcoating things and finally just call Leann’s marriage out for the sham that it is.

  • How much longer can Leann’s publicity make lame excuses (lies) for her concert cancellations? When you check tic sales you can see one reason why she is cancelling ..not even 40% sold. This last cancel- she was seen out for dinner/drinks less than 12 hours after anesthetic? Busted!
    Rimes is afraid of hubby leaving her and is consumed with not being able to moniter his whereabouts 24-7. No doubt Eddie finds her way too needy. She is now reacting to the marriage being on its way to over.
    She is only in the news because she is a wreck!