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Jennifer Lopez Wears A Huge Diamond Ring, Is Definitely Not Engaged

A photo of Jennifer Lopez

Just like an alpha dog, right? Jennifer Lopez is staring intensely at the camera, placing her hands so that you can see that diamond ring on That Finger, but she’s not engaged. But just talk about her, ok? Please just talk about her.

From People:

About a year after Jennifer Lopez began dating dancer Casper Smart, she was photographed in Paris this week, sporting quite the bauble on her engagement ring finger.

Lopez, 43, already faced engagement rumors in March and June, at least one time because she also had a ring on that finger. So is she really headed down the aisle now?

One source tells PEOPLE she’s “not even close,” adding that the bling is nothing more “than a pretty ring.”

Another source also believes the pair isn’t set to say, “I do” any time soon.

“He can’t afford that ring,” the source tells PEOPLE. “This ring could just be for their anniversary. She’s in the middle of her tour and her manager doesn’t want her distracted. He wants her to focus, and an engagement would distract her too much.”

I believe this story, mostly because I can’t see Jennifer being able to hide an engagement. I think she’d book interview after interview and photo shoots galore just so she can show off her ring and her beautiful love with her little boyfriend. I believe she’d get engaged to him anytime, and her poor manager has probably had to talk her out of it many times. She just wants us all to think that she’s engaged, because Jennifer Lopez wants Jennifer Lopez to be Everything.

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  • I doubt her boy toy could afford an engagement ring that big. Especially after, you know, spending all his allowance at gay *adult* booths & whatnot.