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Lindsay Lohan: “He Isn’t Going to Get Away with This”

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

And when Lindsay says “he isn’t going to get away with this,” she’s talking about the guy who (allegedly) attacked her. I was going to say “obviously,” but then I remembered that when it comes to Lindsay, nothing is obvious. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is nothing and Lindsay is on meth.

From Page Six:

Lindsay Lohan isn’t lying down on this one — the banged-up bombshell is vowing to get her revenge on the congressional aide she accused of choking her at the W Hotel on Park Avenue South in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“He isn’t going to get away with this,” she told us after cops opted not to prosecute Christian LaBella after the pair tussled over pictures he allegedly took of her on his cellphone during a night out on the town.

Lohan added of the incident, “I’m in shock and it was a really scary situation.”

Sources tell us Lohan is asking for witnesses to make statements to the police. Meanwhile, LaBella has been left fearing for his job as an aide to Republican Illinois Rep. John Shimkus.

His uncle Peter Jessop said, “He doesn’t deserve this. It’s amazing that her mom said, ‘Thank God he didn’t have a weapon’ — of course he didn’t have a weapon. He’s a good kid, he’s worked for two congressmen. He just went to New York for the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t cost him his job. He is in shock about how the media has twisted this story.”

I think that what happened is that Lindsay was partying and she saw this dude using his phone, and then, since this is apparently her deal now, she grabbed his phone and tried to look through his pictures. He probably shoved her away, and that was the attack that Lindsay reported. If that’s not the way things when down, then, uh, sorry, but you can’t blame a girl for being a little skeptical when Lindsay Lohan opens her mouth.


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  • Lindsay is just trying to play the media and get some goodwill for herself. I can see her addeled brain thinking, well Rhianna got her face punched in and everybody LOVED her! I know i’ll say he ATTACKED me!! Back to A list here I come!! where’s my coke? I need a bump.

  • I’m more inclined to believe your version than anything Lohan has to offer. She wants sympathy from the public, just look at her twitter about being bullied in high school. Cry me a river, Lindsay.

  • Oh Lindsay, yes he is. You’re the coked up drunk party girl who cried wolf, no one believes what you say anymore. Nor does anyone feel sorry for you. You should know you’ve dug yourself into a public image black hole when no one takes your side on supposedly being assaulted.

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