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1I Like Jessica Biel Today

A photo of Jessica Biel

It’s just this picture that she tweeted, I love it. Look at her cuddling with her dog! Look how sweet that is! How can this not make you like Jessica Biel a little?

She posted that photo with the caption “my 55 pound blanket” (awwwww!), and here’s another picture of just the dog, Tina:

A photo of Jessica Biel's dog

See? This girl loves dogs, and even though she gets on my last nerve, I can’t hate on a girl for loving on her animal friends.

But wait, there’s one more reason to like Jessica Biel today! Let me show you a series of tweets that she made a few days ago:

Just ate a Sprinkles cupcake for breakfast. #OFFTHEWAGON

Tina’s staring at me. Judging me.

Have a wonderful saturday everyone! #EATCUPCAKESALLDAY

Here’s to a fantastic sugar crash in about two hours. #naptime

I realize that she probably ate one cupcake for breakfast and made a big deal out of it, and that’s annoying, but I’m pretending that she got a dozen cupcakes and literally ate cupcakes all day. That she just sat at home in her pajamas and played and cuddled with her dog and ate cupcakes and gave not one single f-ck. And it was glorious.

So today’s your day, Biel. Try not to screw it up.

October 2, 2012 at 9:30 am by Emily
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  1. cocopuffsaredelicious says:

    I instantly like people more who not only like, but truly love their pets and animals in general. Those are my type of people.

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