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Love It or Leave It: I Still Totally Love You, LeeLee Sobieski

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Guys, I’ve always loved LeeLee Sobieski. Always. Isn’t she just so great? Even from way back when she was the young girl in Deep Impact. Remember that movie? No? Then you’re definitely not going to remember this one—In a Dark Place, a scary movie starring LeeLee that came out in 2006. Creepy, creepy-ass movie. Good creepy, creepy-ass movie. If you’ve never seen it, you need to, and here’s a brief synopsis to encourage it:

The disturbed arts teacher, Anna Veigh, is hired by Mr. Laing as a governess to raise Flora and her brother Miles. Anna believes that the ghosts of the former governess, Miss Jessel, and housekeeper, Peter Quint, are in the property haunting the children, and she decides to help them to face the spirits and get their souls free.

Great movie. And she shows her tatas, too, and I have to say: they’re some pretty spectactular tatas. But seriously, LL Sobieski is just awesome. She’s fierce, she’s gorgeous, and she is seriously rocking the hell out of that belted red dress at the Dior Show at Paris Fashion Week over the last few days. Too bad there’s not a choice in “love it” or “leave it” that’s a little more heartfelt—like “I’d totally dry hump this look for days.”

Someone else who was at the Dior Show at Paris Fashion week over the last few days? F-cking Kanye West. And this is what he looked like—try not to laugh too hard:

photo of kanye west at the paris fashion week pictures
I’m sorry, what’s that? You spit your drink and shit your pants simultaneously? Yeah. Kanye has that effect on people. Especially his girlfriend, guys. Carry on.

Love you, LL!

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  • The mere mention of Kanye Kardashian makes me shart myself regardless of what he’s wearing. Btw….is that pleather? Pretty sure you could find a better outfit shopping at Big Lots. No offense to Big Lots (of course). Leelee is fabu. Love the whole thing.

  • I don’t really see what’s wrong with what he’s wearing. It kind of seems like you just hate on him and Kim Kardashian simply so you can have something to hate on. I know this is a gossip blog, and that now a days gossip is mostly shit talking in the first place, but its a little off putting to see such blatant dislike for two people. Especially when its just tacked on to another story for no reason.

    • It’s “tacked on” because they were both at the same fashion show. She is clearly looking fashionable, while Kanye (who he thinks he is a fashion god, when he very obviously is not) showed up looking like a big pile of no.

  • Kanye is a NO TALENT monkey. I can teach ANYONE how to make a 4 count beat on a drum machine and repeat it a million times. Dumb shit for brains can’t even tie his shoes.