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Kelly Osbourne is “Sorry” for That $250k Manicure She Got, Guys

photo of kelly osbourne's nails pictures
But of course she’s not, though, because this “apology” is her way of telling the world that she rocked a quarter-of-a-million-dollar f-cking nailpolish color to last week’s Emmys, if you didn’t hear last week. And why would she go ahead and tell us this? Well duh. Because no one noticed—LAST WEEK—to begin with. Why endure the extravagance of a $250k manicure if you can’t brag about it to the world? I mean, honestly. ‘Til today (or maybe yesterday, when Kelly announced that she was sorry on Twitter), did you even know that Kelly’s manicure was anything more than a regular old OPI-looking sparkly black? Because I didn’t, and it was. Word on the street is that Kelly’s manicure was actually $250k worth of black diamonds, which worked out to be just about 5 carats. Here’s her Tweets:

photo of kelly osbourne twitter
Whatever. She “didn’t pay” for it. If you say so, Kelz. What I want to know, though, is where those diamonds go when the manicure wears off? Are they removed and returned to whoever the owner is (since it’s clearly not Kelly)? Does the shit just chip off, leaving a trail of diamonds behind Kelly wherever she goes? Is she hoping to attract a gold-digging man a la Hansel and Gretel with the crumbs?

Silliness, guys, Silliness everywhere.

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  • I don’t see why it would offend anyone. If she paid for it, it’s because she can afford it, and if she was picked to wear it, then it’s like all those jewels and dresses on loan at the ceremony. I’m much more interested in knowing how it was removed and what would happen if she lost a diamond. Do you think it was very heavy?

    • According to the internet 5 carats would weigh about a gram.
      A us nickle weighs 5 grams.
      And so the nailpolish should weigh 1/5 of what a nickle does… probably not heavy.

    • I’m also wondering what do they do to remove it? Do they use regular nail polish remover and cottonballs? If so do they have to pick the diamonds out of the cotton balls? I’m so glad I’m a peon! I would worry about these things!! :)