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Here’re Some Photos from Miley’s Two and a Half Men Thing

photo of miley cyrus from two and a half men pictures
Remember how I told you guys that Miley‘s going to be on Two and a Half Men? Because here she is! On Two and a Half Men! And while it would appear, from the photos, that she’s Ashton Kutcher‘s character’s love interest, that’s actually wrong, and as previously reported, she’ll be the girlfriend of the half-man, portrayed by Angus T. Jones.

What I really want to talk about though, is Miley’s massive, bulging cleavage. Did girlfriend, you know, get a boob job or something? Because normally when you lose a bunch of weight and tone up from being GLUTEN-FREE an LOVING PILATES, your chest doesn’t grow larger, it, too, shrinks in proportion to your body as your body shrinks. And we all know just how tiny Miley is these days. Check that picture out up there. Those are some mega-boobs, as least as far as Miley’s frame is concerned.

Take a gander through the rest of the pics. They all feature wondrous, wondrous boob.

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