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Gwyneth Paltrow Would Like You to Buy This Sweater for $500

A photo of Gwyneth Paltrow

Yep, that sweater right there that Gwyneth herself is modelling. The blue one with the hearts and the elbow patches. It will be $500, please. Or, well, actually $515. But it’s part of the GOOP Collection, all right? You’re paying for 100% cashmere and impeccable taste. For all that, she’s practically giving it away at $515.

But if the $515 is too much for you poor folk, she’s got another sweater, and this one is only $485, because Gwyneth understands that times are tough:

A photo of Gwyneth Paltrow

And see, you still get the cashmere, you still get the elbow patches, and you still get the comfort of knowing that Gwyneth Paltrow took the time to design a sweater for you, the working class.

But hey, is she serious with this? Because I really need to know if she’s serious with this. $500 for one single sweater, is that something that people actually pay for? And of course I realize that cashmere costs more than your regular old wool or whatever, but honestly? My entire outfit cost about $25, and that’s including my awesome shoes that I’ve worn pretty much every day this summer (they’re made from vegetables!). The most expensive item in my whole closet cost about $250, but it’s a coat I got this past spring for about 80% off. And I can’t be completely sure, but I’m pretty sure that my shopping habits are closer to average than Gwyneth’s idea of “hey, come spend hundreds of your dollars on my stupid sweater.” Right?

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  • My outfit today:
    H&M top $20
    Glassons skirt $30 (4 years old)
    Forever 21 shoes $12
    = $62
    I also wore my $30 Forever 21 coat to work, plus my Balenciaga bag that I got for a relative steal at $200 – much like your coat!

  • My outfit today:
    Long-sleeved striped purple shirt bought at thrift store: $4
    Sports jacket bought at thrift store: $10
    Black pants from Target: about $20 (I don’t remember, I bought them more than five years ago)
    High-heeled boots from thrift store: $8

    No, I would not pay $500 for a sweater.

  • My outfit today:
    Jeans from WalMart clearance rack – $16
    Wrigley Field t-shirt from Cubs store – $24
    Socks from Target – $4

    In these economic times, I get much more pleasure from getting a good value at a discount than I would from paying some exorbitant amount for something from a celebrity designer.

  • I think the people who would spend $500 on a sweater wouldn’t be especially impressed by Gwyneth. They would probably spend their money on a sweater by an actual designer.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well. Those who can afford that will usually spend it on Gucci or Prada, and not some celebrity’s line.

  • I wonder what it’s like to have that much money to waste on an ugly shirt. Must be nice. I get the joy of being on disability at 31, I’ll NEVER have that much money to play with again

  • I really don’t understand why Gwenyth gets so much shit for this. Her stuff sells out, so maybe she’s not trying to sell to you or make you feel bad because you can’t afford it. It’s not all about you. A lot of people, stores, etc sell clothes for a lot of money. There are a lot of people in this world and some of them have a lot of money and like to spend it on expensive stuff. I don’t walk into Barney’s and get pissed off because I think the people there expect me to be able to buy it. Or because i don’t think the clothes they’re selling are worth what they’re asking. I don’t call them elitist and get a chip on my shoulder. I’m not their clientele.

    Gwyneth isn’t trying to sell that stuff to you.

    • People like me get upset with Gwyneth because she IS trying to sell that stuff to us. That’s the whole thing about GOOP, it’s supposed to be a resource for women everywhere to learn recipes, neat travel destinations, and new fashions, and that’s how she markets it. She calls these sweaters “essentials,” and she calls herself a “working mother” and she thinks every single woman can relate to that and to her, and if they can’t, then they’re beneath her. And that’s annoying.

      If she was just selling expensive sweaters, of course I wouldn’t care, and it would be straight up stupid to walk into any store and get pissed if you can’t afford something. But this isn’t that, this is like a store walking up to you, telling you that you need something, and when you say you can’t afford it, the store says that it would rather die than to be like you. And again, that’s annoying.

  • The one day I can’t remember what I spent on my outfit, besides my boots ($65). Normally I remember it but I guess since I’ve had everything else for years and years I’ve just forgotten.

    This post makes me want to go shopping…but not for Gwen’s ugly sweaters.

  • Wow… I own two really nice cashmere sweaters which were around $100 and that I bought at local boutiques. This just sounds insane!

    My outfit today:
    Sweater (H&M): $20
    Long blouse: hand-me down from my aunt
    Jeans (Zara): $30
    Lacoste shoes: $50

    Total: $100

  • I’m wearing a t-shirt with two cartoon T-Rexes, and one is saying “I love you this much.” and the other is saying “That’s not very much.” Cos he has tiny little arms. :)
    And pyjama pants.
    Probly 40 bux total. :D

  • I think I’ll become ill if I have to see one more photo of a female celebrity sitting on a puffy pillowed couch in a brightly lit room trying to pedal her shit.

  • I actually really like the sweaters and would totally buy one…if it was $30 at Old Navy or Target. $515 even for cashmere is price-gouging.

  • Outfit today was
    $450 Burberry Scarf
    $92 Brooks Brothers Shirt
    $560 Ralph Lauren Black Label Sweater
    $350 Allen Edmonds Black Oxfords
    $75 Lacoste Black Belt
    $64 Brooks Brothers Tie
    $890 Ralph Lauren Black Label Jacket

    Total: $2461, which is too much but they were all gifts from family except the accessories.

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