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Lady Gaga Got a Stupid Tattoo After Her Stupid Haircut

photo of lady gaga hair pictures tattoo pic
You know what? I just can’t even do this. Lady Gaga’s just way, way too much these days, and there are no words available to describe how silly and frivolous I think just everything she’s doing lately is.

This is what Gaga‘s tattooist had to say about her new ink:

“It’s kind of a Renaissance era cherub, a nod to her Italian heritage.”

Oh, OK. As long as it’s a nod to her Italian heritage. I guess that makes everything in the world, then, right?

My goodness.

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  • Hmmmm… Seems to me maybe she didn’t like all the “new ink”-buzz Rihanna was getting earlier in the week. What’s with these celebs and their winged tattoos. Why don’t they just go on & get the standard butterfly above their buttcrack?? Lame.

  • For the amount of money she makes, you’d think she could afford to get a half decent tattoo artist instead of some at-home scratcher. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  • Did you realize that she shaved her head for her good friend Terry Richardson? His mother recently passed away.