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Ew: Rihanna’s New Gold Teeth

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No, seriously—ew. There’s no “love it or leave it” here, because this is just f-cking gross. There is honestly something about people getting gold teeth or overlays that just screams “Ack! Someone I’d never be friends with!” That, and Joe Pesci in Home Alone. Not a good look.

Also, doesn’t Chris Brown also have some kind of cheap-looking gold grill, too? Because can you imagine what these two kissing each other might do (aside from infuriate everyone who was on Rihanna’s side back when Chris Beat the tar out of her)? Gold upper grills + gold bottom grills … is that like chewing tin foil when you have fillings? Is that even a thing anymore?

Maybe some kind of weird electrical or chemical reaction will happen, guys, and we’ll all luck out. Maybe these two, in a frenzied spit-swap, will receive the electrical shock of a lifetime and the two will be forever melded together at the mouth. That way not only will we never have to look at either one of their stupid faces again, we’ll also never have to hear another stupid word that comes out of their stupid mouths. It’s a win-win for everyone—Chris and Rihanna get their happily ever after (because you just can’t bite someone when you’re joined at the jaw; get it girl!), and we don’t have to hear shit from either one of these dickheads anymore.

Let’s do it, huh?

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