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Look, It’s Snooki’s Baby!

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jionni, and her baby

So People got the first photos of Snooki‘s brand new baby – I’ll show you the cover in a minute – and I’m sorry, but this is a damn cute family. Jionni still makes me nervous from that time that Jersey Shore went to Italy and he was a manipulative, creepy little asshole, but hopefully all this new responsibility has changed him for the better. Regardless of anything actually happening in this household, which I think we can all agree is a whole different can of worms, I think they look happy and beautiful and proud. And that baby!

All right, here’s the cover:

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her baby

His little shoes!

There aren’t many details from the interview yet, but we do know that People did this whole thing just six days after little Lorenzo was born. Oh, and that whole birth thing? Yeah, that took “more than 24 hours of labor.” Just think about that.

Lorenzo’s middle name is Dominic, after Snooki’s uncle that passed away. The precious little family is living with Jionni’s parents. Snooki says that “the partying is long gone” and that she’s “a new person.” And about her feelings for her son, she said “it’s a different kind of love that I never felt before.” You guys.

I know a lot of you have a secret, shameful love for Snooki, but even for you guys that openly dislike her: you have to admit that this is at least a little precious, right?

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  • Super cute. I agree about Jionni but MTV does have a way of piecing shit together inaccurately. Every couple has that one or two explosive fights that look worse than it is.. He def overactive and Snooki was def a handful. He seems very caring and supportive now and i’m very happy for them! I’m glad motherhood took the party out of the girl.

  • Why are they living with his parents? Obviously she has enough money to buy them a house. What kind of adolescent bs is that?

    • It’s actually customary in Italian families for the new parents to stay with in-laws for awhile – just like it’s also traditional for Italian men to live with their mothers until they marry and move in with their new wife to take care of them. Vinnie still lives with his mom even though he has plenty of money – he talked about having women stay overnight and his mom making breakfast for them in the morning. All part of the role of women as caregiver of the men roles of traditional italian families.

  • I, for one, think that she looks incredible and that motherhood suits her. I just hope that A. She and her man can stay happy and B. she is REALLY done with the partying.

  • They are so cute ugh I love Snooki. I really hope Jionni was made to look like an arsehole and he is not actually one.

    • I agree! I can’t help but love the shit out of her. She’s looking so pretty…getting some sleep and no booze does wonders for her.